'Libyans have lost faith in the political class' - The Guardian - BBC News Arabic

‘Libyans have lost faith in the political class’ – The Guardian – BBC News Arabic

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British newspapers today dealt with several international files, including “the Libyans’ loss of confidence in the political class, the United Nations report on “Chinese violations” against the Muslim Uighurs, and Ukraine’s restoration of control over some lands from the Russians’ grip in the south of the country.

The Guardian published a report by its diplomatic editor, Patrick Wintour, titled “US diplomat: After Tripoli attack, Libyans lost faith in the political community.”

Wintour quotes Jeffrey DeLaurentis, a senior adviser to the US mission to the United Nations, as saying, “The Libyans have completely lost confidence in the political community, allied militias, and mercenaries. They see that politicians and militants do not want to stop looting the country’s wealth.” This became clear after the recent Tripoli attack, the worst of its kind in recent years.

Wintour says that the attack by militias loyal to Fathi Bashagha, on the capital under the authority of Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba, led to the killing of more than 32 people, and the injury of about 150 others.

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