Kherson liberation battle..September "the month of decisiveness"

Kherson liberation battle..September “the month of decisiveness”

Last week, Ukrainian forces began their long-awaited counter-offensive to liberate the south from the Russians, but Moscow is “betting on winter” to slow the Kyiv offensive, so September will be “crucial” in light of the protracted conflict in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s announcement, Monday, of a “rush south” raised hopes for the restoration of territories occupied by Russia early in the war, including the regional capital Kherson, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In the first week of Ukraine’s counter-attack against Russia in the south of the country, Ukraine has made “tactical gains”, as its armed forces prepare for a long and difficult battle before the onset of winter, Western government officials are quoted by Politico as saying.

And it seems that winter will bring “changes in the dynamics of war” for the Russians, Ukrainians, and Western countries that support Kyiv, so it is expected that “September” will be pivotal in the conflict in Ukraine, according to a report by the British newspaper “The Times”.

Russia is “weak”

In the face of a Ukrainian counterattack, Russia has redeployed about 20,000 Russian soldiers to the western bank of the Dnipro River, according to Politico.

But as a result of Ukrainian pressure, the line of withdrawal of Russian forces towards the east towards the Crimea has become “more difficult than ever,” according to “The Times”.

Battle map

The first days of the offensive indicate that Kyiv is deploying its forces around Kherson, extending from the southwest of the city to far points to the north and east of Nova Kakhovka, in the possibility of Ukrainian forces seeking to “encircle the Russians,” according to the newspaper.

This is likely to prompt the Russians to withdraw from Kherson and Nova Kakhovka, allowing Kiev to take them back, according to The Times.

Western officials and analysts point to other forms of Ukrainian success even “without reclaiming much occupied territory quickly,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Kyiv could force Moscow to reveal its troop locations and supply bases, and take a defensive posture, thus making Russia look weak or withdrawing its forces from other parts of Ukraine.

Ukraine could also obtain intelligence about Russian formations, weaknesses and the will to fight, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Russia’s strategic impasse

On the other hand, the Russians know that they are in a strategic impasse and need a break to regroup, so they will try to hold on to Kherson, wait for winter and then move the stalled Donbass offensive again, according to “The Times”.

About 180,000 Russian soldiers participated in the invasion of Ukraine, and about 20,000 of them were killed in the battles, according to “The Times”, citing official British estimates.

The ongoing Ukrainian offensive has “largely cut off the supply lines of Russian forces in the city,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The sphere of control of the Russian forces in Ukraine

The sphere of control of the Russian forces in Ukraine

The Kherson attack came as part of Ukraine’s strategy to “strain the entire Russian invasion force, from Kharkiv in the northeast to Crimea on the Black Sea,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

“By attacking you so many places, you make the Russians wonder where the Ukrainians will strike next,” said retired Army Lieutenant General Stephen Tweety.

The attack on various Russian sites will cause “chaos to the Russians,” according to Tweety’s talk to the “Wall Street Journal.”

But the biggest strategic obstacle ever facing the Russians is the determination of Russian President Vladimir Putin to continue the Russian military operation “indefinitely”, according to “The Times”.

winter password

Putin may take advantage of winter to prepare for a new attack on Ukraine to put “Russia’s special military operation back on track,” according to The Times.

Ukraine seeks to resolve the battle of Kherson before winter arrives, which will show Western countries that Kyiv is capable of “liberating its lands from the grip of the Russians.”

For Ukraine, the victory in Kherson before winter carries not only military but also political dimensions related to Kyiv’s relationship with the West.

Without increased Western military support, Ukraine cannot progress from “losing slowly everywhere” to “winning somewhere,” according to the newspaper.

Winter may represent the most significant challenges facing Ukraine and Russia, both sides will need to stop fighting temporarily in case of bad weather, according to “Politico”.

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