How to operate the Samsung mobile on the TV and the types of phones that allow it to operate - Egypt Brief

How to operate the Samsung mobile on the TV and the types of phones that allow it to operate – Egypt Brief

Play the video from the cell phone to the car screen, Samsung is one of the most famous manufacturers of mobile phones all over the world and millions of people not only use it, but also rely heavily on their products because it provides the product with the advantages that every person needs. Excellent service and reasonable prices for everyone One of the advantages of Samsung phones is the ability to operate the mobile phone simply through the TV.

What are the main benefits of Samsung phone link to TV screen?

  • You can watch photos and videos on mobile and see more on TV.
  • All audio and video clips can be played and displayed on TV, so you get more benefits and get louder sound.

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How to turn on Samsung mobile phone on TV with Screen Mirroring

  • This feature, called Screen Mirroring, allows you to display your Samsung phone’s screen on a TV screen, but the screen must support Wi-Fi.

Samsung phones support screen mirroring

  • All phones running 4.1.12 support screen mirroring, and this can be confirmed by dragging the screen from top to bottom, ensuring the presence or absence of this service and phones that support this feature.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II phones, 3,4.
  • Samsung Galaxy camera phone.
  • Samsung Galaxy S, III.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7, S8.

Steps to connect Samsung mobile phone to TV in correct order

  • In order for the mobile phone to connect to the TV screen, the first step must be taken, or we connect the screen to a Wi-Fi network with screen mirroring enabled.

How to turn on Samsung mobile phone on Samsung f 2013 screen

  • We use the remote control for the Samsung screen and press the button written on the word Source and a menu will appear where we select the word Screen Mirroring and we see that in just two minutes the screen will start searching for the mobile device.
  • Through the remote control, we press the Menu button on which the menu appears, we choose the word Network, then we press the word Select, then we choose Screen Mirroring, then we choose the word Select and that is done.
  • Next, we swipe the screen from top to bottom on the mobile device and you will find the list of notifications.
  • Then we click on Screen Mirroring and then we see that the TV starts searching for the cell phone until it is found.
  • Then we choose the type of TV screen you want to connect to on the mobile and it is done.

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Connecting a Samsung mobile phone to a TV screen using Quick Connect

  • This feature can be connected to the phone in two ways.
  • If your phone supports this feature, it will be connected directly without any additional steps.
  • If the mobile phone does not support this feature, some steps must be followed in order for the desired result to be achieved.
  • First, the TV screen is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Then we drag the screen from top to bottom across the mobile phone and when the list of alerts appears.
  • A menu will appear where one of these tests is selected, which varies depending on the type of mobile phone, speed dial, phone search, or search for nearby devices.
  • If your mobile phone sends a request, you need to do some updates.
  • A group of devices will appear around you that you can communicate with the device you want, thus establishing a connection between your Samsung mobile phone and TV screen.

Connecting a Samsung mobile phone to a TV screen using an HDMI connection

  • One way to establish a connection between a Samsung mobile phone and a TV screen is to use an HDMI connection, which is one of the most powerful connections to connect a Samsung mobile phone to a TV screen, and this connection has two ends connected to the TV screen or mobile phone.
  • First, we enter the settings from the mobile phone, then we choose accessories from the list that appears, other options appear and we look for HDMI among them. If found, then this phone supports this feature, if not, then this mobile phone does not support this feature.
  • If the desired selection is found, the connection is connected to the mobile side, which is similar to the charger connection, and the other side to the TV screen, a message will appear that the two devices will be connected to each other, then we press the secure button on the remote control and select HDMI over it.

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Control the TV with a mobile device

  • Initially, you must have an Android Smart TV that can connect to Wi-Fi, in which case the TV can be controlled using a mobile phone instead of a remote control.
  • We first connect the socket of the TV screen to electricity, and then turn it on.
  • From the control panel of the TV screen, we open the settings menu, which is very similar to Android smartphones, so it will be easy and simple to find out who will interact with this system.
  • Then we open the Wi-Fi network on the TV screen, then we open the menu, select your Internet network and activate it.
  • Next, we enter the Google Play Store on the mobile phone and install any of the programs for Android devices.
  • Then the remote control for the TV is searched. Then we download the software, but the Sydney App Developer Program is downloaded.
  • Then after installing the program, it will be downloaded, and on the main screen you will find the icon of the application, which proves that it has been successfully downloaded.
  • Then you open the app on your mobile and the app starts searching for the names of the devices that require Wi-Fi connection and when you find the name of the device it joins it until a connection is established.
  • Thus, with the remote control, the screen is controlled by the high and low volume buttons, which in this case are used to change channels and open the main screen.
  • After using the cell phone as a controller, the device turns off and returns to the normal use of the cell phone.

We hope that we have covered all the important points about how to turn on a Samsung mobile phone on a TV at the end of the post, because in the beginning we have the most important advantages of connection between mobile phone and TV screen, and all the ways of connection between Samsung mobile phone and TV screen, HDMI, or Quick Connect or screen mirroring. What mobile devices are suitable for connecting to a TV screen, how to connect a Samsung mobile phone to a Samsung F 2013 screen.

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