File - All that Ahmed Diab said about the league's gains and the Al-Ahly and Zamalek negotiations with the Future players

File – All that Ahmed Diab said about the league’s gains and the Al-Ahly and Zamalek negotiations with the Future players

Ahmed Diab, head of the Egyptian Clubs Association, spoke about many topics related to the league championship last and next season, as well as about the Future Club and the negotiations of Al-Ahly and Zamalek with its players.

presents to you A file of everything that Diab said in his interview on Sada Al-Balad channel.

“At the time of Al-Ahly’s scheduling conflict crisis, before the Club World Cup, the Football Association was responsible for it, not the Club Association.”

“In the future, the association responsible for managing such files will be, and at that time we will try to communicate with the rest of the international club associations to resolve such crises.”

arbitration crisis

And he moved to talk about the development of arbitration, saying: “The role of the Clubs Association is to join the clubs in their complaints about arbitration by communicating with the Football Association, in order to achieve full justice for all.”

“There are positive indicators of Mark Clattenburg’s work in developing the Egyptian arbitration system.”

“The League will not announce any penalties for arbitration, and the clubs will know the penalties if the referee misses some matches after submitting a complaint at that time, it will be confirmed that he made a mistake, but if a complaint was filed against the referee and he ran the matches normally, this means that he did not make a mistake.”

Clattenburg will take the pressure off the referees, and he will hold arbitration camps for video training as well in order to develop the entire arbitration system.

“There is no comparison between the delivery of the League Shield the season before last and the previous season, and although there was some crowding this season, things were organized.”

Allowing clubs to contract with 3 foreign players in youth and youth contributes to buying them with small amounts of money, developing them, and then selling them for a greater price.

“We rejected the proposals of some clubs to increase the number of foreigners or reduce the number, as well as the return of foreign guards.”

“Vitoria did not ask to reduce the number of league clubs or the number of foreigners in each team, and he had some comments on the stadiums.”

When asked about the complaints against missing matches, he replied, “I do not think that the president of a club will ask his team players to be defeated in any match, and if we receive a complaint with clear and concrete evidence, it will be investigated and decisive decisions will be taken.”

“Next season’s league will be in its current system without change.”

“It is not possible to control the players’ contracts with the clubs, but the financial budget specified for each club allocated to the deals can be controlled.”

“Our goal is to return the fans at full capacity, not to impose penalties, and when anything happens outside the fans, the process of returning the fans to the matches is disrupted.”

When asked about the penalties for the Al-Ahly and Al-Ismaili match, he said: “There were penalties for some events inside the stadium and collective insults, and other penalties outside the stadium, and we are waiting for the results of the prosecution’s investigations to announce the rest of the penalties, and they may amount to life-long deprivation from entering the matches.”

In response to a question, did the number of fans exceed in some of the Zamalek matches, such as the Farco confrontation, saying: “We deal with the audience numbers by my ticket company, and the company does not offer a ticket in excess of the specified number.”

“It is possible that the ECA board will see some changes in one or two members in the new season.”

“Despite the various affiliations of the association’s members, it worked with impartiality and applied the law to everyone, and I do not blame the council member for his affiliation, but for his work.”

“Future’s board of directors has good relations with all clubs, and the thinking is that there will be a technical benefit for the team.”

“It is the council that will negotiate with the clubs about deals and those who leave the team.”

“Future opens the door to dealing with all clubs to benefit the team.”

When asked if Omar Kamal would go to Zamalek and Bobo to Al-Ahly, he replied, “This matter is in the hands of the club’s board of directors.”

“Future’s board of directors dealt at the beginning of last season with all clubs and there is no problem with it, and the administration will see what is appropriate for the team and it will be implemented.”

“50% satisfied with what was achieved in the past season, the hopes of the Clubs Association are great, and the Egyptian football, the public and the clubs deserve more than that.”

He talked about the gains, saying: “The top match was held for the first time last season, with a home-and-return system for the first time since 1966, and in the presence of the public for the first time in 12 years.”

“For the first time, the league matches were broadcast in HD quality, and the matches that were not broadcast in this quality were very few throughout the season.”

The number of fans in each match at the end of the league reached 5,000, and the price of tickets to attend matches was also reduced.

“Our goal is to announce the league schedule with the dates of all matches from the first round to the last, and God willing, this will be done, and the number of fans will be increased, stadiums and match broadcasting technologies will be developed.”

“We need 18 stadiums so that every stadium looks 100% in good condition, but in Egypt every stadium is allocated to more than one team.”

He continued, “There have been crises in the timing of determining the names of the clubs participating in the African championships throughout the past seasons.”

And “The Confederation of African Football would not have waited for us until August 30 to determine the names of the clubs participating in the African championships, and there was confirmation of this date, and we chose the date of July 30, which is the closest to justice.”

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