A “technical report” determines the new Al-Ahly form

A “technical report” determines the new Al-Ahly form

A “technical report” determines the new Al-Ahly form

The administration discussed with former presidents the mechanism of “supporting the club”

Monday – 8 Safar 1444 AH – 05 September 2022 AD Issue No. [

Youssef Anbar, Nayef Al-Qadi, Kamel Al-Mousa and Tayseer Al-Jassem, experiences that will support Al-Ahly (Al-Ahly Club Media Center)

Jeddah: Ibrahim Al-Qurashi

Al-Ahly’s administration, entrusted with the leadership of Walid Moaz, sought the assistance of a number of former players and included them in the work team in the ball management to benefit from their experience in supporting the current team members; To overcome the difficult stage in light of the work based on correcting the team’s path, and to restore the tone of victories absent from the team recently.
At a time when the national coach, Youssef Anbar, was assigned to supervise the team’s preparations for the immortality confrontation, it hired Nayef Al-Qadi as executive director of football, and included Kamel Al-Mousa for the administrative staff, to benefit from their great sports experience in the stadiums. Youssef Anbar is preparing a new technical report to build a new Ahly in the next stage, paving the way for a stronger return in the coming period from the first division competitions.
The Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, headed by Walid Moaz, met yesterday evening (Sunday) in the Prince Badr bin Fahd bin Saad hall in the club’s stronghold with former presidents and vice presidents, and a number of golden members of the club’s general assembly; To discuss the current important stage of the club, benefit from their experience, listen to their advice, and inform them of the most prominent directions of the administrative work that you intend to undertake to correct the club’s path.
Today (Monday) Al-Ahly enters a confrontation with Al-Kholood in the third round of the first division competitions “Yellow” at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah (The Radioactive Jewel), amid great public support awaiting his presence to support the team with the decision of the Board of Directors in charge of opening the unified degree stands for free for all Club fans.
Al-Ahly’s new administration seeks to restore the spirit again to the team’s stands, as it began assuming the responsibility to succeed Majed Al-Nafiei’s management in opening the club’s doors and the main stadium stands for the fans to follow up on the team’s preparatory training to face Eternity, before it was decided to open the stadiums for the fans, at the time tickets were set. The golden class is at a symbolic price that does not exceed 100 riyals, and the silver class is 50 riyals.
The decision of the Al-Ahly administration to open the stadiums of the Sports City Stadium for the fans to support the team in front of Eternity approved what “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” had mentioned in a previous issue a few days ago regarding the tendency to open the stands to the fans for free; To urge her to be present and support the players at the important stage of the team.
During the training session yesterday, coach Amber was keen to put the final touches on the tactical methodology that will enter the match tonight, and direct the players to a number of technical points to be invested in the match. To boost the team’s chances of winning the three points.
Al-Ahly people, including former presidents and vice presidents, as well as players who served the club, are keen to meet with the players and motivate them for the match, urging them to double the effort, and the importance of the current stage the team is going through, stressing their confidence in their ability to overcome this stage, and the team’s return to its former glow.
Al-Ahly failed to win in its first two matches in the first division, after drawing with Qaisumah, and losing it from the groove with a clean double.
Meanwhile, the Al-Ahly administration in charge of work continued to strengthen the team’s ranks with a number of technical options to support the Green Battalion, as it intensified its movements, according to sources to “Asharq Al-Awsat” to resolve the contract with a foreign duo before closing the registration period for the first division league “Yellow” on the eighth of September (September 8). ) current.
The Al-Ahly administration is working to attract players with international experience to support the team’s ranks to return again to the Saudi Professional League in the next sports season, and there are on the negotiating table the files of a number of players, led by Moroccan Noureddine Amrabat along with a number of players from the African continent, it is expected that the decision will be resolved towards them in the coming hours; In preparation for the official announcement of the signature.
The Al-Ahly administration is heading to end the contractual relationship with the Tunisian duo, Youssef Al-Abdali, after reaching a settlement of the financial dues, while preferring to loan or sell the contract of the Croatian player Philip Bradrich.
Al-Ahly contracted with the Tunisian Al-Abdali during the current summer transfer period, coming from the Monastir Union, with a contract that extends for two seasons, at a time when the player did not gain public acceptance in light of his failure to provide the level hoped for by him since his participation with the team in the external camp in Turkey, while Al-Ahly contracted with Bradric last season for two seasons from the Italian club Cagliari, and he has the current sports season on his contract.
While the Al-Ahly administration announced the contract with Nayef Kariri, for one season, on loan, coming from Al-Wahda, and the 24-year-old player is good at playing as a back and right wing.

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