Zahrat Al Khaleej - Menna Arafa: I turned the page of the past.. I am not a copy of Selena Gomez

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Menna Arafa: I turned the page of the past.. I am not a copy of Selena Gomez

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Although she was distinguished by what she presented in the series “Cinderella”, and she was not more than five years old at the time, her appearance as the child “Zina”, in the movie “Industrial Bump”, next to the star Ahmed Helmy, was the most prominent sign that indicated the arrival of an actress With great capabilities, many predicted her to be a prominent name among the first-class actresses in the Arab world.
Although she is still in the prime of her youth, and is no more than 23 years old, she has a rich artistic career, and holds a large archive of artwork, whether at the level of drama or cinema in Egypt.
Menna Arafa’s name has not been absent from the various media in recent months, and the story of her marriage and divorce has been a rich material for the press, which has been following every small and big thing in her life, and her name “Trend” has issued artistic news for a long time, but this matter was not at all likable to her.
The young actress confirms, in an interview with Zahrat Al-Khaleej: “This is the first time that I talk about the issue of my divorce, and I will not go into its details. With all that it carries and no matter how loud it is, I have nothing to add on this subject.”

Negative “trend”
Menna refers to the issue of her name, “The Trend”, during the occurrence of her divorce story, stressing that it was a negative “Trend” and caused her harm. She says: “This matter did not benefit me at all, whether it was on a personal or professional level, so I want to overcome it and focus with myself, And taking care of my work, I want to develop myself, both professionally and personally, greatly, and I promise you to turn all the negative trends that you talked about me into positive things, related to my profession as an actress, and I promise everyone who loves me to achieve the successes that I aspire to.”
And Menna continues: “I have laid out a clear plan for the coming period, and my focus is on myself more than ever, and I will not comment on any words that are reported about the past period, and I always answer this matter: No comment… No comment… No comment.”
As for the accusations made by her ex-husband, Mahmoud al-Mahdi, and his hint of betrayal by one of the parties, she answers: “A page was closed with all its details, with all the accusations that were directed at me, and all the words that were said about me, I turned the page, I did not care about anything about it, the matter is concluded.”

My life is mine alone
The Egyptian young woman, who was able to find a wide place for her in the hearts of the masses, and obtain a wide share of their love, may be one of the most artists whose private lives have been infiltrated by the press, which she describes as painful, demanding respect for the personal life of any person, whether it is from close friends or the public, especially the press and media.
Menna continues in this regard, during her dialogue with “Zahret Al-Khaleej”, and says: “No matter how famous a person is, and what his work is, he has the right to keep his private life, and that its details remain for him alone. Unfortunately, the painful experience I went through was quite the opposite.
And she adds: “I did not raise the controversy about myself, and I did not intend to publish my privacy, and I was not the party who published his life in public, and I did not talk about the story of my divorce, on the contrary, this matter was done by another party, and I was a victim of it, other people dealt with details that were not They have the right to talk about it, but unfortunately when the news spread widely, people thought I was the one who published it, and they started blaming me why you ask not to interfere and spread your privacy in the media, and I did not do that at all.”
Menna confirms that most of what she showed of her private life did not exceed pictures that she shared with her followers in her home, so that she does not like to share her opinion on public issues, and always prefers to keep it to herself, but unfortunately many journalists when they saw that the details of what happens with me are presented to everyone By other people who thought that it was my duty to reveal my secrets on the basis of “what is your life, you have been saved”, but I am quite clear, and I will keep telling them no.

The next is more beautiful and I want to act with these
As the young star previously indicated that the next one will be professional and practical, she is now preparing for a work that will be shown in the coming month of Ramadan, refusing to disclose any details about it, but confirms her presence in Ramadan 2023 in one of the competing series, promising to provide “Zahrat Al Khaleej” with all its details. right on time.
She indicates that she will present another work of ten episodes, which will be shown on one of the platforms, and will be filmed soon after the text is finally completed, in addition to her comparison between a number of works presented to her, and that she wants to take her time and think before choosing.
Adding that she has a very large energy, she wants to harness it for everything that she previously failed to do against herself, confirming her great optimism about the beautiful future that awaits her, in which she will choose two names to represent with them, if the decision was hers, the two stars: (Ahmed El Sakka) and (Mona Zaki).

I’m not a Selena Gomez version
Menna Arafa caused a sensation on social networking sites a short time ago, when she published recent photos of her, and commented on her, saying: “My friends say that I am in this (look) that looks like Selena Gomez,” and asked her more than two million followers about the matter, to come Most of the responses are in favor of a great similarity between the two.
Menna surprised everyone by announcing that she did not see herself as an exact copy of the international star Selena Gomez, as many describe her, and it turned out that she had published these pictures, because when she appeared in this way, drawing and “look”, with which she raised her hair, her family and close people began to compare her greatly. Bagomez, so she asked the followers and “fans”, who insisted on the great similarity between them, but she repeats and repeats: “I am not an exact copy of it.”

beauty icon
The choice of Menna as a member of the Miss Egypt jury was surprising to some, while others confirmed that this choice came as a confirmation that she has become an icon of beauty in her country, but she sees the issue from another perspective, and says about this choice: “The beauty pageant is held in all countries The world, and is given great attention, and therefore I am a strong fan of holding this competition in Egypt, and it is actually held annually, and this year it was significantly different; it included girls who have great talents, in addition to the selection of Miss Eco Teen, as well as The competition witnessed special segments, including fashion shows for girls who make dresses from environmentally harmful materials, with the aim of recycling them like plastic.”
And Menna continued, in her interview with “Zahrat Al Khaleej”: “This competition stimulates tourism, and in my opinion it is a very important competition, and despite my belief that I am still too young to be a member of the jury, my choice was not to evaluate beauty, but rather because of the diversity of the jury and its selection of representatives from Several parties included, and I was chosen as a member of the acting category, especially since the competition had representative paintings that embodied some historical figures in Arab art, such as: Hind Rostom, Sabah, and others, from the immortal stars, and I was very happy when I saw the contestants wearing the costumes of the great artists, Women have a great history that everyone loves, and therefore my presence was related to art and at the core of my specialty, and I really thank Dr. Amal Rizk for this choice, which added a lot to my career and experience.”

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