Zahrat Al-Khaleej - Abdulmohsen Al-Nimr: We live “Vision 2030” today!

Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Abdulmohsen Al-Nimr: We live “Vision 2030” today!

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Between his great talent, and his long experience, he was able to carve his name in letters of gold in the world of stardom; He is considered one of the most prominent faces of Saudi and Arab drama, as his roles are many and varied, and he excels in every character he presents .. It is the Saudi star Abdul Mohsen Al-Nimr, who is currently in the Saudi city of “NEOM”, to film his new series, The one about whom he said that it is being carried out by Saudi hands and with a global vision.. “Zahret al-Khaleej” met him; Dialogue:

• Recently, you celebrated the success of your new series “Sit El Hassan”, which was shown on the “Shahid” platform. ..Tell us about it!

The strange and distinctive feature of this work is the script and dialogue. And the most benefit that Gulf drama has received, in the recent period, is the presence of platforms that show television works, and this is He saved the Gulf work from thirty episodes, and this is the most important thing A problem for the director, and the platforms have reduced these episodes, so there is a more shortcut to gossip. Now, the work is watched by choosing the scenes, so the time difference is no longer a problem, as the work can be watched anytime. All this helped us to produce more Gulf works, and Arab works in general.

dramatic renaissance

• What distinguishes the series “Sit El Hassan” from other works?

The feature may be mainly in the text; it is different and in a different way and environment, as it deals with a dramatic situation Different have to do with provoking feelings of terror, or the like. This proposal is new, and the cast of actors has been carefully selected, knowing that this is a cost High on producers in terms of wages, but the performance of the actors, and their ability to accomplish it, makes it in a corner Important, as the output was strong, such as the text, and production.

Does the presence of platforms affect the actor, positively or negatively?

The presence of platforms gave the actor a greater opportunity, so the shows became more, after they were monopolized by stations and producers. Today, production has expanded, opportunities have become greater, and the more diverse the artwork, the more creative your opportunities will be, regardless of Regardless of the material benefit, we are talking about the result that is surely positive for the actor, and is reflected on the work, and on the produced article. In terms of material income, production has become more diversified, and this is in the interest of production and not The actor, because he does not have the ability to color and differ.

• Are you still in the production process?

– No, I have long since moved away from production, because art really took me; production is a commercial circle, and I am Quite far from this circle, because I focus on acting more.

• Do you not see that the platforms require the entry of artists, since they are the most familiar with what production and the actor needs? Does this motivate you to come back?

– Actually no, because I see that these choices that are presented quench the passion that I have, but If a subject provokes me, I will certainly produce it, because production is not difficult for me For me, management, calculations, clashing with artists a little bit, at times, is one of the things I don’t like.

• Saudi drama is witnessing a great renaissance.. How is this reflected on the Saudi drama and artist, and on you personally?

The reflection on the drama is quite clear, as there is an extraordinary renaissance at the level of production, and the quality of the works that are being performed It exceeded the Arab and local environment. Today, I am shooting a work called “The Resurrection of Witches”, a work with which you feel like you are in a global business And it is not Arab, because there are very high technologies, and a quest to bring Arab work to the ranks of the world. There has been a renaissance at the level of thought, society and mentalities. The concept of dealing with art has radically changed. Thus, you join the circle of art and creativity, there is no defect that follows you, and you have nothing socially deficient, What enriched the modern renaissance today. There are very great Saudi productions, and a high screening status for male and female actors, through art academies, such as The institutes, courses, and festivals that are currently taking place are producing promising young energies in our country. Today, I am busy with Saudi work, and all those who run these businesses are Saudis, whether behind or in front of the camera. As if there was a volcano erupting in the form of roses, they personally resonated with me, as I taste the reflection of My experience in the past years in the business that produces in Saudi Arabia. Currently, I bring my experience with a new generation who sees me as a role model, an icon, and an inspiration.

A dream..and a message

• You are one of the artists who presented the most historical and Bedouin works with Arab artists.. What is the difference today between Saudi and Gulf drama on the one hand, and Syrian and Egyptian Arab drama?

– Locally, between the rising Saudi drama that we put in parentheses, and the next new generation; these are coming from A private school does not lean on other schools. Sorry for the expression, we know, for example, that Kuwait and some Gulf countries preceded us in drama schools, But the next generation did not start from this region, but rather from platforms such as “Netflix” and others , and international works, and this will certainly produce a different dramatic situation that is unlike any other. As for Arab drama, its experience is larger, deeper and more mature, and we benefit from its cadres in general at the level of Writing and directing, and we still cannot dispense with these previous experiences in Lebanon, Egypt and Syria. The Syrian business, recently, fell ill, due to the general political situation that affects the drama, and its reflection is clear But it will wake up from this malaise. In Egyptian drama, young people went from cinema to video, and this is what raised the video industry at the level of TV drama, Egypt is always a birth, and the cinema generation that went to video is a very valuable and important addition, as It made a leap from classical Egyptian works.

• After an artistic career that spanned for about 40 years… What is your dream as a Saudi artist?

– My dream is to present a cinematic icon for Saudi drama, and to have a mature, completed cinematic work that depends on it On the right academies, and that the oldest cinematic work has a mark in the history of cinema.

• Saudi Arabia is celebrating its National Day these days.. What does this day mean to you?

– Recently, we live every day as a national holiday; every day we have a renewal leap, and we are in A golden era of renewal (or even a diamond). National Day is a celebration of every beautiful day of the year, and we are now holding ourselves accountable for what we have done Today we ask ourselves what we offer, what we missed in the past years, and what we will offer in the coming years. This is an opportunity for all Saudis, so that they do not miss the beauty and the flow that takes place in the country.

• Saudi Vision 2030.. How do you see it?

– There is a vision, and the vision is clear, and we live it today while we are filming the last work in the city of « NEOM”, as if we are living the reality of the dream (Vision 2030) now, as it is clear with 3D technology.

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