Israel escalates strikes against Iran in Syria, focusing on airports

Israel escalates strikes against Iran in Syria, focusing on airports

Military sites in Aleppo are now “totally under” Tehran’s influence

The Israeli air targeting of important Iranian military sites inside Syrian territory, and in the vicinity of the international airports of Damascus and Aleppo, has recently escalated, after Iran, according to what Israel believes, began using them to transport weapons and ammunition, including air defenses and drones, to Syria, and store them in warehouses. In a number of Syrian cities, including Masyaf, west of Hama.

On the evening of yesterday (Tuesday), Aleppo International Airport was subjected to the second Israeli air attack on Iranian military sites in less than a week, which led to the destruction of parts of its runway and military installations around it, with reports of deaths and injuries, while pro-media media announced For the Syrian regime, the airport is out of service, and scheduled flights are diverted to Damascus Airport.

Syrian reaction

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said, in a statement, yesterday (Wednesday), that it considers the Israeli air strikes on civilian infrastructure “a war crime under international law… for which Israel must be held accountable.”

The Syrian Foreign Minister, Faisal Al-Miqdad, in tweets posted on his Twitter account, criticized the Arab and international silence regarding the continuation of the Israeli attacks on Syria, without any condemnation or objection even to targeting the civilian facilities of the Syrians, stressing at the same time that Damascus “retains It has full rights to hold the Israeli authorities accountable and bear all legal, moral, political and financial responsibility for deliberately targeting the international airports of Damascus and Aleppo.”

Media agencies loyal to the Syrian regime and the Iranian militias, including SANA, published that “at about 8:16 p.m. (Tuesday), the Israeli Air Force carried out an air attack with a number of missiles from the direction of the Mediterranean, west of Latakia, targeting Aleppo International Airport, which led As a result of material damage to the airport runway and its out of service, scheduled flights through Aleppo International Airport were transferred to Damascus International Airport.” This is the second attack of its kind in a week, as it was targeted by missiles on August 31, causing material damage, and other sites at Damascus Airport and the capital’s countryside were targeted.

And the Iranian “Tasnim” news agency announced that “Aleppo International Airport, in northern Syria, was targeted with three missiles, by the Israeli air force, which used the airspace east of the Euphrates under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the American coalition forces.”

Omar al-Halabi, an activist (opposition) in the city of Aleppo, confirmed that “the aerial missile bombardment on the area of ​​Aleppo International Airport, which is believed to be Israeli, targeted 3 places at the same time; Huge explosions were heard inside Aleppo International Airport, and other explosions were heard in Al-Malikiyah and Jabrin near the airport, and huge fires erupted there, and this was followed by the arrival of ambulances and firefighting vehicles, and security forces and Iranians struck a security cordon at a distance from the airport, amid reports of deaths and injuries. Among the ranks of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia, they were transferred to the military hospital in the city of Aleppo, amid security measures and extreme secrecy.”

Al-Halabi added: “About a year ago, Iran began expanding its influence in Aleppo Governorate (after the withdrawal of part of the Russian forces to Ukraine), this was accompanied by a massive recruitment process for young men from the city of Aleppo and its countryside within the ranks of its militias and the formation of a special militia backed by Iran under the name of Liwa al-Baqir, Its mission is to protect the residential neighborhoods under Iranian influence in the center of the city of Aleppo, and the private and public facilities and laboratories, which it seized in recent months in the Jibreen and Al-Malikiyah areas and turned them into warehouses and headquarters for its militias and weapons, in addition to its full control of the Nairab military airport and its surroundings, and expelled more than 200 Syrian families from The residents of the area, and transformed it into a military barracks in which the Iraqi militias of Harakat al-Nujaba, the Lebanese Hezbollah, and the Afghan (Fatimiyoun) Brigade were stationed.”

The importance of Aleppo and its airport to Iran

The official of the Monitoring and Follow-up Unit 80 (the opposition), Satif Khattabi, said that “Iran has recently exploited the Russian military vacuum in Syria and Russia’s preoccupation with the war on Ukraine, so that Iranian militias, led by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, began to infiltrate and control civil and military airports in Syria, specifically my airports. Damascus and Aleppo International Airport, in addition to a number of military airports such as Palmyra and Neirab airports in Aleppo countryside, for use in airlifting weapons from Iran to Syria.

Khattabi explained that “more than 100 military sites have recently become fully subject to Iranian influence in Aleppo Governorate, especially Aleppo International Airport, Al-Nayrab Military Airport, Karm Al-Tarab, facilities on the Aleppo-Deir Hafer road, the cable factory and the tractor factory (Furat),” And Rahba maintenance of tanks and ceramics factory from the southeastern side of Aleppo, headquarters in Karm al-Waqf and Aziziyah, Ramousah area, cement factory, Ain al-Asafeer, Artillery College in Ramousah area, al-Ansari, Khan Toman, al-Safira areas, Khanasir Road, al-Wadhihi areas, and al-Dhahabiyeh warehouses southeast of Aleppo. This is in addition to the bases of Al-Wadhihi and Jabal Azzan, Sheikh Yusuf and Sheikh Najjar hills, Handarat camp, north-east of Aleppo, and military headquarters in the areas of Nubl, Al-Zahra, Maarat Al-Arteq and Al-Layramoun northwest of Aleppo. Al-Baqir Brigade, the Syrian Hezbollah, and groups from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Since the beginning of the Syrian war in 2011, and the intervention of regional and international powers, including Iran, Israeli warplanes have launched hundreds of air raids on Syria. In it, it says that it will continue to confront Iran’s attempts to consolidate its presence and military position in Syria.

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