Zahrat Al Khaleej - Natalie Djurberg and Hans Berg: We're Taking a Fun Direction

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Natalie Djurberg and Hans Berg: We’re Taking a Fun Direction

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Miu Miu has collaborated with German-based Swedish artists, Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, who designed the jewelry for the Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, inspired by the 2015 sculpture series, A Thief Caught in the Act, where colorful birds steal Equally colored beans and small animals from a table express – according to the artists – “the desire to escape with humor and gentleness”. Zahrat Al Khaleej interviews talented artists in blending sculpture, sound and animation; To know more about this fruitful collaboration:

• How would you describe your jewelry challenge from Miu Miu to the prevailing rules and concepts in the jewelry world? What is the story behind these pieces?

– The idea is the result of a series of sculptures called “A Thief Caught in the Act”, which deals with the theme of escape, and monitors the escape journey with a spirit full of humor and kindness. Small animals and colored birds are shown in the artworks stealing similar colored grains from a table, and it is not known whether the birds took the grains; because she sees in her herself, or whether she resembles her; Because she ate the pills. Drawing its soul and character from this work of art, this jewelry changes the traditional concept once it is worn. People participate in the artwork by wearing jewelry; Their roles are similar to those of birds. We want to feel relaxed, or to experience the fullness of our senses and feelings.

• Can you describe this cooperation with «Miu Miu»?

We are given complete freedom to unleash our creativity. This led – in addition to our reliance on the skills and experiences of the designers – to a very enjoyable experience, which resulted in ideas and visions that we saw being realized on the ground. We believe that this collaboration has given us a new innovation; We had never worked in the jewelry sector before; That’s why we trust Miu Miu with full confidence in this aspect, and we are sure that this experience is completely different from the design process they witness daily.

• You participated in the design of decoration and jewelry with «Miu Miu», and both are related to applied arts more than fine arts .. How do you see this difference?

– It is good to work in different ways; To diversify the specific paths your mind takes, and this was an opportunity for us to adopt a fun, creative direction in our work, and create something new. And when we collaborate with many other people in a specific framework, we don’t have that freedom that we enjoy when we work alone, but there is also freedom when working within certain limits, and this makes you think differently, and create new and unexpected innovations.

• How do you feel about fashion as a medium? What is its importance in your life and in the lives of people in general?

– We both love fashion, we are able to keep our style. In the studio, elegance goes in the wind. Fashion, too, is a world to escape to, an expression of creativity and art, a direct extension of the way we see ourselves.

• What about jewelry? How important is the way people choose to decorate their bodies?

Humans have been keen to decorate their bodies in different eras and in all cultures. It is a way to celebrate the body, and sometimes to disguise; Life is very complex, and we are like the birds that adorn it.

• Jewelery is always distinguished by its precious value and reflects the personality of its owner. Do you agree? And what does that mean for you?

– Yes, of course, regardless of the presence of a strong symbolic (or monetary) value that no two disputed in our society. On a personal level, we can attach a lot of personal meaning to jewelry; Because it is so valuable to us, it is a form of magical thinking.

• Miu Miu’s jewelry designs are clearly spontaneous, but at the same time, there is a legendary touch.. Can you share more about that?

– Yes, it is a dark touch that carries a secret and a desire to escape to another world, or to be transformed into a unique creation; It reflects the idea of ​​wanting to fall into a place overflowing with treasures and surprises, such as: Aladdin’s Cave, or the opening of the mountain wall in the cave of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”, but the witch ends up kidnapping Hansel and Gretel, after luring them with a house in the form of gingerbread and candy. Although they manage to escape, they fail to do so until they commit murder themselves. These cravings are devastating and heartbreaking, and achieving them may be impossible.

• When and how did you feel the artistic passion within you to the extent that made you spend your lives as artists?

Natalie: My development took a natural course in childhood; I always turned to pens, paints, and play dough whenever I was bored or sad, and this made these things my own world, as well as the laboratory and school of understanding and exploration. After a long time, I made the decision to continue with the artwork, although it was not a decision in the literal sense, it seemed like a decision at the time.

Hans: I’ve always been interested in sound and music, and I’ve always tried to compose music with a mixer and cheap cassette players for kids. There wasn’t much music or art in my surroundings when I grew up, but I’ve always searched for it myself out of desire. Although I was not conscious at the time, I realized – much later – that this is what I wanted my business to be. However, I can never live without music.

• Can you say that there is a comprehensive idea that expresses your work from your point of view?

It has always been a deeply personal exploration, a way to understand the world around us, to make sense of it, and to feel it from different angles. Through expression and creativity, we try to reach an understanding of everything that surrounds us.

• What are the motives that led you to practice art?

The need to understand the mystery that cannot be answered, the desire to know what you are looking for without knowing what it is, and then to get carried away by the creative process with its astonishing twists and turns.

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