Khaled Abu Rashid, the golden member of the Saudi Al-Ahly: Al-Nafiei does not deserve to have his picture with the former club presidents

Khaled Abu Rashid, the golden member of the Saudi Al-Ahly: Al-Nafiei does not deserve to have his picture with the former club presidents

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September 07 2022 7:45 GMT

Update date: September 07 2022 9:20 GMT

Khalid Abu Rashid, the golden member of the Saudi Al-Ahly Club, revealed his personal opinion on the issue of removing the image of Majid Al-Nafi’i from the wall of the club’s former presidents, who left after the team’s results deteriorated in the first division “Yellow League”.

The Ministry of Sports accepted the resignation of Al-Nafaei, and assigned a new administration headed by Walid Moaz, to manage the club’s affairs, until new elections are held.

The decision came after Al-Raki opened his Yellow League campaign with a loss of five points in the first two rounds, as he drew 1-1 against Qaisumah, and lost to Al-Akhdood 2-0.

This is the first participation of the Al-Jeddawi team in the Yellow League in its history, as it occupied the penultimate position in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League last season.

The current administration removed the image of Majid Al-Nafi’i from the list of Al-Ahly presidents, which is located in Prince Badr bin Fahd Hall, which includes pictures of all the presidents who passed through the club’s history.

Khaled Abu Rashid said, in televised statements: “The difference in Al-Ahly now is the return of its loyal men and fans, and we have seen the lover masses, agreement and solidarity between the administration and the masses, and whoever attended the administration’s meeting recently saw the glow that returned to Al-Ahly and all this happened since the departure of the previous administration.”

He added: “Everyone should remember that we had previously invited Al-Nafi’i in the presence of 9 former presidents, and they gave advice and advice to him, but what happened after that? There was complete isolation and isolating the club from its members and then isolating it from its fans. The previous administration did not invite any of the club members. Al-Nafaei did not take any advice from what we offered at all and was alone in the decisions that brought the club to the current result. Continuing on the former coach Hassi until we reached the stage of danger, he refused the advice of 9 former presidents, members, etc., and then decided to dismiss Hassi to bring his resume coach that in the last 12 matches he was defeated in 11? Is this conceivable .. This is a simple example of wrong decisions and the result was with all the pain of relegation to the Yellow League.”

He explained: “We communicated throughout the past season with the Ministry of Sports, and Professor Walid Moaz was nominated by the majority of the golden members, and the ministry took this nomination, and everyone stands with him and supports him from members and former presidents, and to continue despite the very difficult circumstances, today the administration received Nadia in a difficult situation. And he was emptied of most of his most important stars, and at the time of the assignment, there were 7 days left until the registration door closed. However, in the light of the few days, the technical staff was changed and also the recruitment of 3 new players, all in just 3 days, and we have great confidence in the team’s current stars and the contracts that It happened, we are optimistic and everyone is with the team.”

Regarding the secret of removing the image of Majid Al-Nafi’i from the former members’ hall, Khaled Abu Rashid explained: “I followed this topic like you from the media, and there will be great discrepancies, differences and controversies on this topic, but my personal opinion with full appreciation and respect for the person of Professor Majid Al-Nafi’i, he does not deserve to His picture is with the former club presidents, we evaluate his work, all the presidents worked hard, and some of them agreed and others did not, but there is no president who insisted on these mistakes and refused to take any advice and advice and the club turned away from its fans and members and became almost closed to everyone, is it reasonable to put his picture With pictures of the presidents who worked hard in serving the club?

And he concluded: “With everyone’s solidarity, Al-Ahly will return to its natural place in the professional roar next season.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Nafi’i had won the presidential seat in the elections held in May 2021, after a competition with candidate Ziad Al-Youssef, and it was supposed to last four years.

This was Al-Nafi’i’s second term in the presidency of Al-Raqi, as he headed it before in April 2018, before he departed at the end of the same year.

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