Putin: Isolating Russia is “impossible” and we will sell gas all over the world

Putin: Isolating Russia is “impossible” and we will sell gas all over the world

During the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in the Russian Far East, President Vladimir Putin stressed that isolating Russia is “impossible”, despite the Western “sanction fever”, praising the “increasing role” of Asia, on which Moscow depends more and more, and said that his country will sell gas. The Russian Federation all over the world, and threatened to stop shipments of gas and oil to countries that set price ceilings.

Putin threatened to completely stop Russian gas and oil supplies from the countries that set a price ceiling, in conjunction with the desire of Western countries to set a ceiling for the price of Russian fuel to punish Moscow for its war on Ukraine.

In view of its increasing isolation and deteriorating relations with the West, Moscow has accelerated its approach to the Middle East, Asia and Africa, in the hope of finding new markets and suppliers to replace what it lost due to US and European sanctions.

In this atmosphere, Putin participated in this strategically important economic forum for Russia in the Russian city of Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean, in the presence of several senior Asian officials.

“No matter how much some people want to isolate Russia, it is impossible to achieve this,” the Russian president stressed.

In his speech, he particularly praised the “increasing role” of the Asia-Pacific region in world affairs, in contrast to the West, which said that it was retreating as “inflation” was eating away at it.

He pointed out that “irreversible changes have been recorded in the entire field of international relations.”

After the Group of Seven called for a ceiling on the selling price of Russian oil, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposed imposing a ceiling on the price of Russian gas.

“The goal here is very clear,” von der Leyen told reporters. We have to cut off the income from Russia that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is using to finance his war on Ukraine.”

But Putin was firm in this regard, saying, “We will not send anything at all if it conflicts with our (economic) interests, in this case. No gas, no oil, no coal, no fuel oil, nothing.”

In a speech at the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum, Putin said that the proposals to reduce Russian gas prices were “stupid”, and stressed that his country would sell Russian gas all over the world.

The Russian president also stressed that Ukraine’s grain exports are mainly directed to European Union countries, and not to poor countries, which represents the danger of a “humanitarian catastrophe.”

“What we are observing is a deceit, a reckless attitude towards those partners for whom all this was supposed to be done,” he told several Asian economic and political officials.

The Russian president denounced a “colonialist” stance on the part of Western countries, especially members of the European Union, who “think first of themselves, of their interests,” adding that “they do not care.”

He added, “Look at the number: 80 ships and only two for developing countries,” or only 3%, noting that he “discussed with a European official” this issue “a month ago.” “But the amount of grain sent to developing countries is not increasing,” he said.

“This could lead to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe,” he said in a speech that lasted more than half an hour. “Maybe we should think about how to limit exports of grain and other food products through this route,” he said.

Parallel to the Vladivostok Forum, Moscow has conducted large-scale military exercises in the Russian Far East in recent days, with the participation of military personnel from several allied countries, including China. Putin supervised these maneuvers himself, the day before yesterday.

Beijing, for its part, is experiencing a diplomatic crisis with the United States, especially since the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan in August.

Putin was keen to include Russia in a common front against the West, considering that sanctions targeting Moscow pose a threat to the global economy.

He stressed that the “Covid-19” pandemic “has been replaced by other international challenges that threaten the entire world.” “I mean Western sanctions fever,” he explained.

The Russian president condemned “the obstinate refusal of Western elites to see the facts” and the “elusive hegemony of the United States”, in imposing harsh sanctions on Moscow.

In the face of the “technological, financial and economic aggression of the West”, Putin said he was happy that (the Russian economy) is gradually moving away from the dollar, the euro and the pound sterling, considering them “unreliable currencies”, and its approach to the Chinese yuan in particular.

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