Abu Ali: We look forward to benefiting from German expertise to reach the best design for the new Al-Masry Stadium complex

Abu Ali: We look forward to benefiting from German expertise to reach the best design for the new Al-Masry Stadium complex

Kamel Abu Ali, President of Al-Masry, thanked the German company Julius Berger Wiesbaden, after attending a workshop on stadium design.

Abu Ali said through his club’s media center: “After the remarkable welcome and hospitality, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the German side, the design and sustainability experts Julius Berger Wiesbaden, represented by the managing director, Dr. Pierre Luebsch, and the German experts who participated in the workshop in Germany.”

He added, “We look forward to benefiting from their accumulated experiences in designing stadiums in Germany and Africa, to reach the best design for the new Al-Masry Stadium complex in Port Said.”

Abu Ali had previously stated to FilGoal.com About his intention to inaugurate a new stadium for Al-Masry.

Abu Ali said: The project will not be limited to building a new stadium only, but will be a comprehensive commercial project that will generate income for the Egyptian club.

Abu Ali continued: “The capacity of the stadium will be 22,566 spectators, in addition to 220 seats for senior visitors, and 8 distinct rooms, which is a larger capacity than the project proposed by the Nile Valley Company, which developed a project to develop Port Said Stadium with a capacity not exceeding 14,000 spectators.”

And he continued, “The project will be on an area of ​​about 38,000 square meters, after adding the land of Port Said Club, adjacent to the stadium, to the project’s capacity.”

He revealed: “The stadium will be built in a north-south direction in accordance with the requirements of the International Football Association. The length of the stadium is from 100 to 105 meters, and the width is from 64 to 68, and it includes 3 stands for spectators, right and left.”

He explained: “The project will include a mixed-use tower, consisting of 30 floors, the ground floor of a commercial mall, 15 floors of a hotel, 15 floors of residential units, and its surroundings are restaurants, cafeterias and a swimming pool.”

He continued: “The cost of the entire project is 3 billion and 507 million and 172 thousand pounds (including one billion and 280 million for the stadium). The expected period for implementing the project in phases to provide funding will be from 4 to 5 years, and if funding is available, it will be implemented from one and a half to two years.”

Abu Ali concluded his statements: “Another session will gather me with the Deputy Governor and the Secretary General to form the committees concerned with implementing the project. I do not work alone, and whoever works alone is a failure, and when I saw the project I dreamed of achieving it. The problem is the ability and determination to implement, as it is very difficult to achieve, but If the will is found, we will implement it.”

In a related context, Mahmoud Hussein, head of the Youth and Sports Committee in the House of Representatives, spoke about the Port Said Club’s gains from the project to build the stadium.

Mahmoud Hussein said in a press statement: “Praise be to God, despite the difficult economic conditions that the world is going through, we succeeded in approving an amount of 300 million pounds in the general budget for 2022/2023, which is a very large number for the establishment of the first phase of the Al-Masry Port Said Club stadium.”

He added: “Businessman Kamel Abu Ali, through the idea he proposed, which we discussed more than 4 months ago and is done in two phases, will generate a large profit for the Egyptian club, and all that matters to us is to have an independent entity.”

He continued, “Not many people stand and support the Al-Masry club in Port Said, as does Mr. Adel Al-Ghadban, the governor of Port Said, who strongly supports the Al-Masry team.”

He continued: “The Egyptian Port Said Club had to have its fixed resources in the coming period, which is not easy to implement until there is sustainability in these resources. Therefore, there must be a sports company owned by the Egyptian Port Said Club and some projects that guarantee the club a stable income.”

He continued: “Therefore, the project that Kamel Abu Ali is talking about, after its implementation, is expected to guarantee the club’s income of 300 million pounds per year, and this will be a qualitative leap for the Egyptian club.”

He pointed out: “When we drafted the Sports Law in 2017, we were keen to put a door on investment, and only about 3 clubs benefited from this law. During the current period, we are working to amend the Sports Law, especially the investment section, to allow all clubs to have independent companies that are able to Strengthening the clubs and we must know that all sports in the world have become managed in this way.”

He concluded: “There are some countries where sports have become part of their national income, such as Brazil, and therefore we are not less than these countries and we have very distinguished talents capable of achieving our goals. The project of the Al-Masry Club is a mall and hotel in the same space as the Al-Masry Club, which guarantees the club a stable income.” .

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