Jane Fonda’s Wars Continue: Toughness vs. Mold

Jane Fonda handcuffed at an environmental protest Washington, October 25, 2019 (John Lampersky/Getty)

Jane Fonda (1937) announced that she had lymphoma (September 2, 2022), affirming the possibility of a cure, a new moment in the biography of the struggle of the American actress and activist, in defense of fundamental issues in the lives of individuals and groups. A solid woman, who wants a direct statement that touches the essence of life and living, transforming her infection with a treatable type of cancer into a moral stance (some may see it as ostentation and pretense, and this same is also debatable), related to American politics and the health system, at an advanced age (December 21/ December 2022, she will be 85 years old).

The restoration of her biography, after announcing that she had been diagnosed with cancer, reminds the life side of activities emanating from a moral, cultural and intellectual position, which pushes to face the challenges of an era, living and socializing, in a country built, originally, on the mass expulsion of its original inhabitants, and a strenuous attempt to exterminate them (it has a position and defense regarding the situation disastrous for the Native Americans). Since the sixties of the twentieth century, the period richest in fundamental and profound changes in social, educational and political concepts in the world, Jane Fonda has been waging a war against an American political administration and military leadership, mainly because of the Vietnam War, and related “lies”, which these administration and leadership launch, to cover many scandals Her, heavy losses to the Americans.

The ad is accompanied by a criticism of health-social-political officials, who refuse to make plans that benefit everyone without exception: “I have very good luck, because I have health insurance. Many families in America do not have access to good health care like me. This is not Adel”. Commenting on what she said (Instagram) says Fonda, 50 years ago, “is using her fame to denounce social inequality” (France Info, September 4, 2022).

This refers to “Sicko’s Patient”, the documentary (2007) by American Michael Moore. Despite a critical tendency to consider him a populist, for an extremist indulgence in battling an American authority that is hostile to it, Moore contributes to exposing the American “democracy scandal”, by dismantling some of its myth, by diving into social conditions, open to many details, cases and issues, saying that there is “a lot of rot.” In the United States of America, administration, leadership, health, social, and education systems.

This is not comprehensive, as the question of American democracy requires a greater and deeper discussion, and the radiant side in that country, science, inventions, thinking, arts, and various occupations, will not be veiled, just as it will not obscure the devastation and wear and tear that is brewing in the soul and body of America. The most important polemic criticism of America, the most sincere, the deepest, the most lively, and the stimulus to attention and debate, are made by Americans, such as Jane Fonda.

Michael Moore, the cinematographer eager (in vain) to emphasize the aesthetic of “rebellion, rioting, and provocation” in his work, “after Oliver Stone, America’s most brilliantly critical, beautiful, deepest, and most creative filmmaker; Moore reveals in this documentary – shown for the first time internationally at the 60th session (16-27 May 2007) of the Cannes Film Festival (out of competition) – the collapse of the health system in his country, comparing it with the conditions of the same system in other countries, Canada, France and Cuba. What Jane Fonda says is not different from a “patient”, although, at the moment of her announcement of her illness and criticism, she is not interested in revealing an American secret, as Moore does, although she is committed to the conditions of her country and its people, for considerations that constitute cognitive awareness of her in the face of these devastation and weariness.

Reading her non-film activities, and some of her films translating (at least) some of her struggle activities, (Reading) says that the joints of her life are saturated with stubbornness, which pushes her to care about issues affecting people, their rights and their natural needs, with a insistence on exposing or exposing a plighted situation that they control, American daily life. The sixties of the twentieth century were a major impetus to fight life battles, identity, position, change and challenge. , saturated with economic and commercial interests, and security, intelligence and military confrontations (although it is difficult to achieve all of this). The sixties of the twentieth century remain a historical moment in the struggle against injustice, and the declaration of an unbridled desire for liberation, individual and collective, that rages in the affairs of life and people’s paths.

Jane Fonda, with an inherent tendency in her, begins a confrontational journey from that moment, from the Vietnam War to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (in which she tries to find a balance between the two sides, despite her attention to the Palestinian situation and trying to stabilize the balance with some rationality, and this is open to a broader discussion), through to the rights of blacks (Her defensive stance on Hugh B. Newton, leader of the “Black Panther”), women, the environment and climate change

Once again, Jane Fonda confirms that her battles are ongoing, her confrontations are ongoing, and her determination to combat injustice and stubborn malice. Weeks later, she turns 85. Half a century of her life has witnessed the firmness of her convictions and the solidity of her positions. Various American security agencies are chasing, monitoring and trying to terrorize her. This is useless with her. Cancer is defeated, she says. American mold is dangerous, and its ilk are ready to confront it.

It is America, vibrant with vitality and enthusiasm for producing the most beautiful and the best in many fields, and engulfed in humiliation, oppression and weariness as well.

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