The 7 most famous films about schizophrenia

The 7 most famous films about schizophrenia

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Sep 10 2022 2:37 GMT

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Cinema often gives us wonderful opportunities to learn from very different circumstances than our own. Thus, using the seventh art as a reference, we are talking today about schizophrenia.

Of all psychotic disorders, schizophrenia is, on average, the most limiting personality disorder. In fact, according to a nospensees report published on Friday, it was proven that its severity means that nearly 50% of the people concerned suffer from various disabilities.

Anyone who wants to know how schizophrenia works and why it can have such devastating effects on quality of life should watch these thought-provoking films about schizophrenia.

The lives of these characters are clear evidence of strength and courage. It also helps us understand the reality in which they find themselves.

1. Penny and John (1993)

Benny & Joon is a 1993 American drama film starring Johnny Depp, and directed by Jeremiah Chechik.
John is a young woman who begins to suffer from hallucinations and delusions after the death of her parents, and lives in a completely fictional world. Her brother does his best to take care of her and take care of her, even if Sam’s entry into her life exacerbates both problems and love.

2. Exceptional Man (2001)

It is a movie about schizophrenia based on a real case. It reviews the life of John Forbes Nash, a schizophrenic and paranoid mathematician who nevertheless won a Nobel Prize in 1994.

As confirmed by a study conducted at the University of La Frontera in 2016, the film shows in autobiographical form how the American mathematician:
• He kept facing strange and confusing situations until he admitted that he had schizophrenia.

• In addition, he also had to face the circumstances (medical and family) to manage his illness and move forward in managing his life and family, fulfilling his dream of becoming a professor at Princeton University, and finally receiving the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994.

In short, he is an exceptional man who shows the development of Nash’s disease and the importance of disease awareness in such cases.

3. The Black Goose (2010)

Darren Aronofsky directed this amazing movie. In it, the script follows in the footsteps of a ballerina (Natalie Portman) who embarks on a quest for artistic perfection.

However, throughout the Black Goose plot events occur that make the viewer wonder what is really happening.

4. Adele’s Diary. Adele H. (1975)

It’s a classic movie. Journal d’Adèle H. is based on the life of Adèle Hugo (one of the daughters of the writer Victor Hugo).
The photographs reveal to us her physical and mental problems linked above all to her obsessive way of living love without a partner who will reciprocate with her. It was the feeling that consumed her in the end.

5- Angel (1993)

This play directed by Sergio Corbucci reflects the friendship between a schizophrenic young man and a Vietnam War veteran, whose relationship begins when they meet at a homeless shelter.

Somehow they both find a reflection in the personality of the other they’re wearing.

6. Donnie Darko (2001)

It is one of the most amazing films to date. Directed by Richard Kelly, it explores through parallel facts and time travel the story of a schizophrenic teen with sleepwalking.

Thanks to Frank, a strange character disguised as a rabbit, Donnie is saved from death, and a shadow world (tangent) is created, a reality that shouldn’t have happened. However, Frank warns him that in 28 days the end of the world will happen, which makes Donnie try to prevent it from happening, so he tries to turn back time to undo some tragic events. The question is: are they real events or not?

7.KPax (2001)

K-Pax chronicles the life of Brut, an unknown man who claims to come from a distant planet (K-Pax) to which he wants to return at some point. The information he gave about this planet has been proven correct, although it is only known from a few astrophysicists. However, this does not mean that he does not suffer from mental illness.

Pruitt is admitted to a mental hospital for his obsessive beliefs and has revolutionized the lives of the rest of the people at the health center, as well as his psychiatrist’s view of life. The film gradually reveals Pruitt’s story and the reasons why his mind creates a parallel story to protect him from what happened on April 27.

There is no doubt that K-Pax is a movie that makes us think and breaks many myths about mental illness.

In terms of characters, it is very difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is not. They are stories that allow gaining insight into the difficulties faced by people with this mental disorder.

In all stories there is an element of fantasy, but there is also an honest connection with the complex reality they have to face every day.

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