Yalla Koura interview.. Coca: Not being in the national team is not my decision

Yalla Koura interview.. Coca: Not being in the national team is not my decision

Ahmed Hassan Koca, player of the Turkish club Alanyaspor and the Egyptian national team, confirmed that not being in the national team is not his decision, indicating that he was close to moving to the Italian league this season.

Alanyaspor managed to obtain Coca’s services before the transfer market closed in Turkey, for a one-year loan period.

Koca scored a goal in the first 65 minutes in his new team shirt last Friday, against Ankara Gogo in the ninth round of the Turkish League.

Koca conducted an interview with Yalla Koura, the text of which was as follows:

How do you feel after scoring your first goal with your new team?

– I am very happy that I scored a goal with my new team, I signed the night of the match and the next day I participated and scored a goal and we won the match points, it is a very great feeling.

What is the reason for your departure from the Egyptian national team in the last period?

– Not being in the team is the decision of the technical staff and not mine, my role is only to train well and shine with my team, to be ready and benefit the team if I am called.

– What I will say is likely to be a “conflict.” But I played my first match with the Egyptian national team at the age of 19, and today I am 29 years old, meaning that I have been with the national team for 10 years, and if I count the number of my matches with the national team in the 10 years, no Compared to anything, I do not play this number of matches in half a season with any club, I participated with the national team about 24 matches, and I participated in only 10 of them mainly and scored 5 goals. A team with which I participate, and this is my response to those who say that Coca in the national team is not at the same level with his club.

– I am not the type of player who creates crises to appear in the picture or get the shot, and I will not do this with the national team at all. The team is a pride for me. I will not create a crisis with any player or reject a coach’s decision. All I will do is wish success for my country And my colleagues and I’m fighting to get back.

what is your ambition?

– My ambition is to play in a major league such as England, Spain and Italy. This season I was very close to playing the Italian league, but “there is no share.” My role is to shine on the field and the rest is with the agents. I separated from my agent after he failed to help me to play in Italy in a club I wanted to be Among his ranks, and now I am looking for another agent to help me join a good club in a good league after my good scoring rate recently.

My ambition now is to fight with my new team, score many goals, pass the 15 goals, and have a good season, so that I can have bigger experiences with bigger clubs after that.

– I was surprised by the level of my current players when I arrived, and I was also surprised by how many distinguished ideas the coach has, and I think he will be among the best coaches in the world.

What do you think of your former team Olympiacos?

– I played with Olympiacos for two seasons and 3 months, scored 38 goals and made many goals at a good rate. The ball is a great effort on the field, but also there are some things outside the field that must be implemented well by the agents.

– Olympiacos is one of the biggest clubs in Europe, and they played repeatedly in the Champions League, participated with them in the Champions League and scored a goal, and we played a European League and always took the top spot in the league standings, and with them I won 2 leagues and one cup championship.

Olympiacos is one of the best periods of my life, and between me and the crowd there is great love and friendship, even when I walk with my family there and eat food, they refuse to be held accountable for their love for me.

In the end, why did you leave Olympiacos this season?

– I was going well with the club, but what happened to me in the last period made me feel annoyed and dark, when the club wants to leave a player, they must inform him of the decision early, so that he can search for a good club, but what happened to me that I was late they told me that I It was possible to go out on loan, so it was difficult to find a good opportunity in a tight time, and this caused my distress and a feeling of injustice, especially since my numbers were greater and better than the strikers who contracted with them after my departure, but in the end their point of view I do not interfere in it, my role is to develop of myself and to increase the rate of my goals.

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