Marcel Koehler, the new Al-Ahly coach, sends a message to the fans  Gulf newspaper

Marcel Koehler, the new Al-Ahly coach, sends a message to the fans Gulf newspaper

The Egyptian Al-Ahly club officially presented its new Swiss coach, Marcel Koehler, during a press conference at the club’s headquarters on Tuesday.

The new coach, Koehler, expressed his happiness to take over the team’s coaching duties, noting that he is proud of the group he works with and the club’s management that supports the team.

He said, “We are still at the beginning and we have received great praise, but so far we have not done anything. The important thing is to develop the players to provide the best performance that serves Al-Ahly. The best thing is to win, which is what we will work on and I am confident of success with the club,” according to what was published by Youm7 newspaper.

A word to the preacher

He confirmed that he sensed, during the conversation with Al-Ahly’s administration, the extent of the professionalism of the management system, and he also thanked Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president, for his great confidence in him, and his choice to take over the technical leadership of the team.

Marcel Kohler confirmed that he feels belonging to the Al-Ahly family since his arrival in Cairo, and hopes to support the fans to reach the goals he seeks, which is to win championships, noting that he is very excited to succeed in his mission.

Good impression

He indicated that he had good impressions of Al-Ahly since his arrival, despite the short time, and he feels great love from everyone in the club and the large fans who always stand behind his team, stressing that this large fan base helps to achieve success, as he described it.

He also added during his speech that he had watched some matches for the team and had a good feeling about the players, but by virtue of his experience, he must come into contact with them on the field, and this is the basis of his work.

Thanks to the auxiliary staff

During the conference, the new coach presented his assistant staff, saying: “I would like to thank the technical staff consisting of Harald Gamberelli, general coach, Tizian Andrés Andoya, load coach, Yassin Al Mikari, performance and video analyst, Sami Komous, coach, and Michael Yancon, goalkeeper coach.”

He added that he found great professionalism in dealing, before he spoke with Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president, who was an important reason for agreeing to train the team in light of the great professionalism he found during the conversation with him.

Preparing an integrated training plan

Koehler pointed out that he obtained a lot of information about the team before he began his mission in a practical way, stressing that there are discussions about the external preparation period, after which an integrated plan will be developed to prepare the team in the appropriate manner for the new season.

“We trained once, and I still need time to evaluate things before deciding where I stand on the team’s needs,” he said. Pointing out that he did not speak to any of the former coaches who had previously worked at the club; Because he prefers to go through the experience from the beginning without prior data.

A message to Al-Ahly fans

The new coach promised to do his best to achieve the ambitions of winning championships. He said: “I ask Al-Ahly fans for support during the coming period, and I will work with the technical staff to do our best to achieve the ambitions and desires of the big fans.”

He added that the idea of ​​training outside the European continent was excluded, but he decided to take up the challenge with the largest club in the African continent after dealing with the Al-Ahly administration during the negotiation stage.

Why did he leave training recently?

He pointed out that he is always thirsty for winning, and if this victory is achieved with good performance on the field, it is much better, of course, as he put it.

Regarding his recent cessation of training, he said: “Any coach, when he works for a long time, needs to rest for some time.”

Player health is a priority

Marcel Kohler revealed that he spoke with Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football director, and learned from him about the team’s health conditions during the last period, and accordingly he will work to reconcile training and rest periods; To be the players at their best.

At the same time, he stressed that the fitness coach will do his work with the players to avoid injury, and he will also receive reports from the medical staff and rehabilitation specialists to know the extent of each player’s ability to participate in the matches.

He also added, “Every player wants to participate in all matches, but as a coach I can take a decision to rest the player who is not ready; In order to participate in the best physical condition, as for the player who suffers a muscle injury, he must be rested so that the injury does not worsen.”


He also exaggerated his talk about the opportunities for young players, stressing that the opportunity is available to the players and said: “The mentality of the young player is very important in giving him the opportunity to participate in the matches, and he must be aware of the changes that occur all the time.”

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