Emmy Awards: The Squid Game Saves Netflix

Emmy Awards: The Squid Game Saves Netflix

Emmy Awards: The Squid Game Saves Netflix

The power of the HBO platform, which won its bet on the series “Saxation”

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“Saxation” Emmy Award-winning drama series (AP)

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The TV Emmy Awards have turned 74, but season after season, they’re getting brighter in the entertainment industry. Since the platforms for broadcasting series have become an alternative to television channels, and the cinema has begun to compete strongly, attention has turned more to that celebration. The Emmy night has become almost equivalent to the Oscar night in popularity and importance.
After two years, during which concert activities were limited to a few due to the Corona pandemic, the red carpet extended in the lobby of the “Microsoft” theater in Los Angeles, where the stars met in a closed hall and without masks this time. They reviewed their costumes, which were completely devoid of oddities and anecdotes, before they moved to the harvest of the 2022 television season.
They are 25 awards altogether, competing for which dozens of television works are competing, or as the international media, Oprah Winfrey, who appeared at the beginning of the ceremony, said: “There are 8 billion people on this planet and only 25 Emmys are awarded tonight. Your chances of winning are: 1 in 300 million. How do you win a prize then? It starts with a dream.”
In Jesse Armstrong’s head, the trip really took off like a small dream. In 2018, when the British author and producer created the series “Succession”, he did not expect the story to span 4 seasons and win dozens of awards. However, viewers and critics saw in the drama series what deserves to be watched and rewarded.
Armstrong and the cast of the series stood up to receive the award for best television drama, and the subject of the caliphate imposed itself on the word of thanks. Armstrong is a son of the United Kingdom, and in his critical and satirical series, he tells a lot about families, inheritance and succession. Commenting on the British developments, he said, “The vote played a greater role in our victory than it did with Prince Charles.”
“Saxation”, which also won the categories for Best Dramatic Screenplay and Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Matthew McFayden, competed in the comedy series “Ted Lasso”, which won 4 awards: Best Comedy Work, Best Lead and Supporting Actors for Jason Sudeikis and Brett Goldstein, and Best Comedy direction by M.J. Delaney.
Drama, then, is in HBO’s repertoire this year, and comedy is from the Apple TV share, while “Netflix” would have left the Emmy party empty-handed if the “Squid Game” had not saved it. Lee Jong Jae won the Best Actor Award for Korean Drama, and the work won the Best Television Direction Award for Hwang Dong Hyuk.
A third and final award added to the Netflix group, Julia Garner won for her performance in a supporting role in the series “Ozark”. In comparison to the numbers, HBO’s works won 11 awards, while Netflix was satisfied with 3, and “Disney” and “Apple” were concentrated between the two platforms.
The shy presence of Netflix did not pass without comments from the host of the ceremony, the American comedian Kenan Thompson, who commented sarcastically on the financial difficulties facing the world-famous platform recently. In the first comment, he said: “The series (The Squid Game) is about people who participate in a match with the aim of getting rid of their financial debts, so the next season of it will include Netflix in the contestants.” Then he added that stinging joke, which was not without cruelty, to a harsher one, saying: “I will donate my money from this concert to Netflix.”
But the Squid Game doll soon entered the stage to soften the blow, and to remind everyone that the TV game has seasons: one to lose, one to win. The fates of the platforms are driven by their content, and HBO has distinguished itself with its content this season. The second biggest winner after the series “Saxation” was “White Lotus”, which is also a work of the platform. The series, which has won five awards for writing, directing and acting, deals with the lives of a group of privileged wealthy people during their stay in a tourist resort on the island of Hawaii.
And speaking of the lucky ones, American rapper Lizzo has proven to be one of the luckiest artists this year. After she won the MTV Music Award two weeks ago, she is being rewarded for her Amazon Prime TV show. The show is a match between 13 plus-size women who compete to join Lizzo’s dance team.
As with every honor, Lizzo is distinguished by her moving speeches. Standing on the Emmy stage, she said: “When I was a child, all I wanted was to see myself in the media. To see someone who looks like me, someone fat like me, black like me, beautiful like me. If I could go back to that moment and speak to little Lizzo, I would have said to her, ‘You will see that person, and it will be you.’
The audience, who were moved by Lizzo’s words, gave a long applause to actress Cheryl Lee Ralph, who won the category for Best Supporting Comedy Role in “Abbott Elementary”. Ralph Thani, a black woman who won an Emmy at the age of 65, was very proud of this achievement and she translated her feelings into singing. Then she addressed the spectators, shouting: “For everyone who ever dreamed and thought that his dream would not come true, I am here to prove the opposite and to tell you: Never give up on yourselves.”
An overflow of emotion was also on time in a speech by American actress Zendaya, who won the Best Actress award in the drama category for her performance in the HBO series Euphoria. The series, which narrates the diaries of high school students and their struggle with drugs and violence, gained great popularity, and the actress hoped that the work would help heal people. She added that she was grateful for the stories viewers shared with her and that she carries them in her heart.
As for the tales of the actors who recently left the screen, the guest of the concert, singer John Legend, summarized them. Seated at the piano, the American artist performed one of his new songs as a tribute to their souls, while the voice of the late actress Betty White echoed in the background, who responded the salute on behalf of all her colleagues who passed away.


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