A famous media woman compares Nicole Saafan and Asala Nasri in a way that angered the public, and describes the latter as "Umm Karsh."

A famous media woman compares Nicole Saafan and Asala Nasri in a way that angered the public, and describes the latter as “Umm Karsh.”

Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, continued her attack on the Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, by sending a message to Nicole Saafan and Tariq Al-Arian, which included a mockery of Asala.

In her letter, May Al-Aidan mocked Asala Nasri, describing her as Umm Karsh, after she had previously mocked her and called her pregnant in the tenth month.

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May Al-Aidan published a picture of Tariq Al-Arian and Nicole Saafan together, congratulating the first on his birthday and describing the model as beautiful.

May Al-Aidan commented on the photo, saying: “Happy birthday to the distinguished and wonderful director Tariq Al-Arian.. God is the sweetest birthday with the beautiful Nicole Saafan.. God does not deprive loved ones of each other.

Although May Al-Aidan did not explicitly mention the name of Asala Nasri, the audience confirmed that her attack was intended for the Syrian artist, especially after she attacked her before.

The public criticized Mai Al-Aidan for the comparison she made between Asala Nasri and Nicole Saafan, making angry comments to her, explaining that she also suffers from some weight gain.

It is reported that May Al-Aidan launched an attack on Asala Nasri a few days ago and mocked Asala Nasri’s appearance in her last clip, and wrote through her personal account on Twitter, saying: “By God, I love the style of His Excellency Zayed, may God have mercy on her.

She added sarcastically: “I recommend Hala Sarhan’s style to you, who can look better.” And that’s after she described her criticism of dogs barking.

May Al-Aidan wrote: “Idols have been missing for thousands of years around the Kaaba before Islam and they used to worship it. Does it mean that their condition was sound, true and something positive? No, of course not, until the truth came to them in the Islamic religion and they broke these idols, the evil of breaking.. The limit of those who wear the middle ear changed your voice.

This latest attack on the Syrian artist came after Asala Nasri transformed the three female media figures into cartoon characters without referring to them, but the followers deduced the names, especially after the recent crisis between them.

Followers considered that the clip every day was a response from Asala Nasri to the attack launched by Mai Al-Aidan, Fajr Al-Saeed and the Ahmadiyya Nidal on her over the previous years, in reference to their inability to disrupt her artistic career.

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