Anas Jaber makes the event in 2022: crowns and runners-up to the world

Jaber shone dramatically in 2022 (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed/Getty)

The year 2022 will be very special in the career of the Tunisian star, Anas Jaber, as she achieved the best results in her professional career during this year, which will be exceptional in the Arab tennis record in general, after the Tunisian star wrote the most important pages of successes and achieved championships that will not be easy to equalize in the upcoming period.

Although the world of tennis is constantly witnessing exciting developments and the rise of the shares of some stars, what Ansar Jaber has achieved is considered a great achievement that puts her in the category of champions, even though she was able to do better.
The arrival of Anas Jaber to the second place in the ranking of the best female tennis players in the world can be considered one of the most important gains of the Tunisian champion, who has succeeded in gradually advancing in the ranking of stars. Anas Jaber reached second place before the “Wimbledon” championship, before losing it later for reasons She was out of her control, but this week she took the top spot again, back to the runner-up.

And after reaching the seventh place in the world last year, she fulfilled her previous promise during the beginning of her professional career in the world of tennis, when she pledged to enter the “Top 3” for the best players in the world. The path to first place will not be easy due to the big difference from the Polish world number one, Iga Švientek, who is nearly twice the number of Anas Jaber points, but the level with which Jaber has appeared in the recent tournaments puts her in a strong position and she is the first candidate to compete with the Polish for the throne of tennis. Global.

Unfortunately for Anas Jaber, her arrival to the Wimbledon final had no effect on the standings, as the points for this version were canceled, which prevented her from reducing the difference from the first seed in the world, considering that she left the tournament quickly and did not achieve satisfactory results. Taken by the Women’s Tennis Association, Jaber did not serve and deprived her of a great opportunity.

Although Anas Jaber dreams of reaching the first place in the world, this will be linked to the results that she will achieve in the upcoming sessions, but also to the results that will be achieved by the Polish player, who seems determined to support her successes and will not give up the throne easily. The second place was not the only gain that Anas Jaber achieved this year, but reaching the final round in two “Grand Slam” tournaments is a great achievement in the career of the Tunisian star, who reached the first final at Wimbledon and then the final of the States Championship. United.

The Tunisian player missed the finals, as she failed to win the title despite the great efforts she made, and she was in the Wimbledon final as a candidate for the title, and all expectations were in her favour, especially since she was distinguished on the grasslands, but she collapsed Significantly after a strong start, but in the final of the American Championship, all expectations were that the Polish player Švientek was a strong candidate for the title, but Anas Jaber succeeded in the second group in forcing her opponent to play the decisive game, and errors of lack of focus deprived the Tunisian of the first title in Grand Slam tournaments.

However, Jaber, despite the failure, succeeded in breaking the jinx that accompanied her career in the “Grand Slam” tournaments, when she was leaving her since the first round. Anas Jaber will enter these tournaments next year with greater self-confidence, after she won the admiration of all competitors, and showed that she has a special style that may help her in the coming years to win the most important title that tennis stars in the world aspire to, especially if she avoids the mistakes of lack of focus, which many have denied her. Of the points, which seemed within reach, but the direct lapses made the difference in many tournaments, and made Anas Jaber satisfied twice with the role of runners-up.

The year 2022 was also distinguished in terms of the number of titles that Anas Jaber won in the professional career, as the 28-year-old won two titles in 2022, and was close to achieving better results at the level of titles, but she lost the final of the Rome Championship against the Polish Švientek, which was denied Jaber won two important titles this year, but that did not prevent the Tunisian champion from winning the most important title in her career in the Madrid Championship, after a heroic career during which she succeeded in ending a series of negative results against a number of players, to make Jaber the spectator in the Spanish capital, and fascinate the fans who She interacted greatly with her, and raised her tally of titles in singles competitions to 3 titles, after her later crowning in the Berlin 500-point championship, which she prepared for Wimbledon.

Although the number of trophies does not seem important compared to Jaber’s level, she was not lucky, when she played many matches against the world’s number one, who deprived Jaber of two titles this year.
This year, Jaber was able to achieve great moral gains, after winning praise from all the athletes, and became a source of inspiration for young people in Africa and Tunisia, as she did not miss any opportunity to recall the difficulty of her path to titles, and brilliance globally, especially since the successes were purely Tunisian. With a Tunisian coach, Issam Jalali, who has succeeded in continuously developing the player’s abilities.

Jaber reached the final in the US Championship (John Kattoff / Getty)

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In 2022, Jaber also achieved important financial gains that will help her achieve more of her goals and participate in the most important tournaments in the world, because reaching the final twice in the “Grand Slam” competitions helped her a lot, and would enable her to achieve some of the goals that she had planned from the beginning, such as organizing A tournament for women’s professional tennis in Tunisia, which will be held next month.

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