Hussein Fahmy's intervention stops the abuse campaigns against Mervat Amin |  Kamal Al-Qadi

Hussein Fahmy’s intervention stops the abuse campaigns against Mervat Amin | Kamal Al-Qadi

Despite the great sadness that overshadowed the artistic community for the loss of the great director Ali Abdel Khaleq over the past few days, the grief that afflicted the great star Mervat Amin was more severe, after the severe abuse she sustained following the photo that was taken of her in the mourning pavilion, which caused her pain. Sharp psychological as a result of circulating on social networking sites, accompanied by expressions of schadenfreude and bullying, where some mocked the reality of the artist at an advanced age due to the apparent paradoxes in the form and the body, between her brilliance, stardom and pride in herself in the days of youth, and the state of sadness and fading that seemed to her in her pictures affected by the loss The great and important director, with whom she had a friendship that lasted for many years.
The inhuman echoes that lasted for several days, and left a deep impact on the same great movie star and her fans, are the same ones that called for the intervention of the artist Hussein Fahmy, the ex-husband of Mervat Amin, and prompted him to use the language of threats and intimidation for those who try to harass his ex-wife and the mother of his daughter, by republishing the photo and commenting on it Indeed, the circulation of the image on the press sites and Facebook pages has clearly decreased, especially after the solidarity of a large number of Egyptian and Arab artists, journalists and writers with Mervat Amin, and their refusal to offend her and their response to those who deliberately ridicule and sarcasm, and do not take into account moral principles in the issue of promoting the photographic image in the crisis .
Among those who rose up to defend the artist’s dignity and privacy, the artist Raghda, who wrote a strong message on her Facebook page, calling for respect for the human rights of every person, regardless of his nickname and social status, whether he is an artist or not, and implicitly the message expressed her sympathy with her colleague Mervat Amin. Its content applied to all similar cases and personalities targeted by the media with the attack and the blatant and immoral aggression.
Likewise, social networking pages of various types and influences were filled with many writings and long and short postal messages, by important and ordinary personalities of artists, writers and individuals. The state of chaos and the cheap treatment of the artists’ reputation and privacy in public, stressing its categorical rejection of the bad and shameful phenomenon.
Undoubtedly, many opinions carried strong tones of sympathy with the artist, Mervat Amin, and considered the uproar around the picture published for her in the mourning pavilion, a kind of void, but the big star herself was surprised by the reactions, since human aging is a natural thing and it is a year Life should not be met with such evil tendencies, and at the same time, she stated that she is preparing to star in a television series in the coming days, and it is expected that it will be shown within the Ramadan race for the works that are being prepared from now.
The remarkable thing is that the case of bullying Mervat Amin is not the first of its kind, and it will not be the last, of course. At that time, he was actually suffering from the scourge of disease, and he frequented London hospitals permanently, in an attempt to put an end to the liver pain that was threatening his life, and the stalkers did not believe in him and his art that he lived a lifetime of suffering only when he died of the aches of the incurable disease and malicious rumors launched by haters. With regard to bullying about the artist’s appearance and his health and psychological condition, some pens dealt with the life of the beloved star Ahmed Ramzy with much cruelty when he fell ill and was overwhelmed by illness and disappeared from the screen for many years, so he was only returning to the cinema again in the movie “Desert Cat” with the Congovo hero Youssef Mansour in 1995, then repeating the experience in 2000 in the movie “The Red Rose” directed by Enas Al Degheidy with Yousra and Mustafa Fahmy as a hero who has artistic value and important consideration, to stop the smear campaigns and silence the hateful and sick tongues. The phenomenon of bullying against the stars and stars of the artistic community is not evidenced by the organized defamation campaigns launched against those who quit acting, such as Shams Al-Baroudi, Hana Tharwat, Nasreen, Suhair Al-Babli, Muhammad Al-Arabi, Hassan Youssef, Mahmoud Al-Jundi and Mohsen Mohieldin, even those who returned to acting in special qualitative roles, They were exposed to the fires of irony, sarcasm and hurtful criticism, from irresponsible pens. This is the view of the celebrity community, sometimes characterized by sharpness and dehumanization as long as the poor climate is found to motivate it!

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