How to turn off Siri Suggestions on your iPhone or customize the suggestions you receive

How to turn off Siri Suggestions on your iPhone or customize the suggestions you receive

From time to time, seemingly small-scale innovations have a huge impact today. Siri artificial intelligence assistants were designed by the famous American company “Apple” in 2007 AD, but it is still a talk about today, it may allow you to expect what you want In fact, this means that Siri often makes suggestions in places like Search and the Lock screen that you’re likely to appreciate or find distracting.

If you’re not a fan of Siri Suggestions, you can easily turn it off on your iPhone, or just customize which apps you can make use of Siri Suggestions.

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Businessinsider has revealed the steps for turning off Siri Suggestions:

How to turn off Siri Suggestions

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap Siri & Search.

3. In the “Apple Content” and “Apple Suggestions” section, turn off each Siri Suggestion option that you want to disable by tapping on the toggle button. The toggles will turn gray when turned off.

4. You can also customize how Siri Suggestions for specific apps work while you’re in them. Scroll down to the list of apps, and tap the app you want to edit.

5. On the app details page, you can modify how Siri interacts with that app. If you want to get some Siri suggestions but don’t want Siri to make suggestions about specific apps, you can adjust how Siri works.

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To prevent Siri from making suggestions about an app, turn off learning from that app by tapping the toggle button.

Alternatively, you can adjust how Siri makes suggestions about each app and its contents by turning on or off the toggle in the While Searching and Suggestions sections.

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My lady previously talked about several uses of “Siri”, according to the Life Hack Network, including:

  • Posting on social media platforms: The personal assistant can post to the user’s social media accounts; All the user has to do, in this context, is to dictate their message to Siri. In addition, the latter can search for a specific tweet (or tweets) on Twitter, upon request.
  • Save documents and contacts: When the user is busy with a task, remembering during the performance that something must be saved or written down, Siri can write an email, save the contact, or write the idea and record it in notes, which makes it easy to save the details that the user wants Record it for viewing at a later time.
  • Location and Contacts Reminders: Siri can make a user’s day more efficient, because Personal Assistant can set alerts based on location! In this context, the user must make sure that location services are enabled for alerts in the settings, then go to privacy, then to location services, add the desired locations to your contacts, and inform “Siri” that the contact is home, work, or a friend’s home. …then Siri can remind you when you arrive.
  • Search emails: What Siri can do include: Save time by asking him to find a specific message in an email or searching notes.
  • Making Reservations: Another essential feature of Siri is to make reservations, whether for restaurants or flights, with complete information about them.

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Additional Siri Features

In addition to the above, the personal assistant is useful in other ways, as it gives the user the forecast for the weather in the coming days, translates words, reports on the next match of his user’s favorite team, helps with speech practice when learning another language, and finds On books by a specific author, along with a series of other tasks, such as: teaching the user to Siri how to say their name, or asking the assistant about their private contacts

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