A painful video of a sister who stormed a bank in Lebanon..."Take your money by force!"

A painful video of a sister who stormed a bank in Lebanon…”Take your money by force!”

Since yesterday, the Lebanese accounts on social media have not calmed down in praise and prayers for the young woman, Sally Hafez, who stormed a bank in Beirut in order to take her money to treat her sister who has cancer.

Within hours, the young woman became a “hero” in the local public opinion after she succeeded in collecting part of her deposit with “Blom Bank” to cover the expenses of her sister Nancy’s treatment.

While a painful video of Sally’s sick sister spread while the storming process was still underway, Nancy appeared tired, and the effects of the disease were clearly visible on her face and slender body.

Toy gun!

Sally had deluded the employees and the manager of the bank branch that her plastic pistol was real, to demand her deposit of 20 thousand dollars, even though she managed to collect 13 thousand dollars and about 30 million Syrian pounds, which she lost out of her money.

For her part, Sally’s second sister, Zina, considered that “the amount that her sister collected is not enough to treat Nancy, who has been ill for a year,” adding that what she has done is a legitimate right.

I encourage everyone

She said in an interview with “Al Arabiya.net”, “I encourage all depositors to recover their money, even by force, because it is an acquired right for them.”

While Sally is still in hiding after the security forces raided her home in Beirut yesterday following the issuance of a search and investigation warrant against her, Zina confirmed, “Sally is not a criminal, but rather wants her right to treat her sister.”

She also added, “We were brought up to respect the law, but what happened was a result of the crisis that has existed for years.”

Dozens of lawyers

In addition, she revealed, “Dozens of lawyers contacted her and expressed their willingness to defend Sally.”

Since last February, Nancy Hafez, the youngest sister in a family of six, entered a tormenting journey with cancer, causing her to lose her balance and be unable to walk and take care of her three-year-old daughter.

It is noteworthy that this incident opened the door to questions about the recurrence of this phenomenon during the recent period, and the resort of several depositors to recover part of their money by force, after the banks deliberately seized them without a legal justification.

natural phenomenon

Commenting on this phenomenon, psychologist Dr. Nayla Majdalani told Al Arabiya.net, “The storming of banks is a natural result of the crisis that has existed since 2019 after people were unable to obtain their rights naturally.”

She also added that “violence is not justified and is not of human nature, but the crisis in which the Lebanese have been floundering for more than three years and their sense of frustration prompted them to resort to violence after circumstances narrowed them.” And she considered, “The phenomenon of storming banks is added to the phenomenon of doubling theft and pickpocketing operations in Lebanon as a result of the crisis, but the difference between the two phenomena is that whoever breaks into the bank wants to collect his rights, while the one who steals takes the life of others.”

No treatment procedures

For her part, the economic expert, Dr. Layal Mansour, considered that “since the beginning of the crisis in the fall of 2019, the banks have not taken any remedial measures such as paying the rights of small depositors, the elderly or retirees, for example, and they refuse to declare their bankruptcy to prevent the sale of their assets to pay part of the depositors’ money.” .

However, it expected “that banks will take the phenomenon of their intrusion by depositors as an excuse to tighten the screws on their customers, and to take more “punitive” steps, including closing some branches in certain areas or refusing to receive any depositor without obtaining prior permission through the bank’s electronic platform, This is to ensure the protection of its branches.

But she stressed at the same time, “that solutions by banks are still possible, but every delay in implementing them pays the price deposited from his bank account.” And she considered in an interview with “Al Arabiya.net” that “when rights become a point of view, it means that we are in chaos, and what Sally and other depositors have done is a legitimate right in a country that does not guarantee their rights by law.”

Resentment in Lebanon against the banks that withheld depositors’ money (file photo from AFP)

It is noteworthy that since 2020, 4 depositors, Abdullah Al-Saei, Bassam Sheikh Hussein, Rami Sharaf El-Din and Sally Hafez, have managed to collect part of their deposits by force, amid expectations that the number will rise in the coming weeks after the crisis worsened, and the dollar crossed the threshold of 36,000 on the black market. .

Depositors have always warned the political parties, banks and the Banque du Liban not to disregard their case so that things do not get out of control.

However, it does not seem so far that the Lebanese banks are in the process of redressing the situation by taking measures that relieve depositors’ burdens.

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