"Hezbollah" with a Lebanese president provides him with reassurances

“Hezbollah” with a Lebanese president provides him with reassurances

“Hezbollah” with a Lebanese president provides him with reassurances

The “forces of change” is preparing to study the names of the candidates by excluding those belonging to the “objection”

Saturday – 21 Safar 1444 AH – 17 September 2022 AD Issue No. [

Beirut: Mohamed Choucair

The “Forces for Change” parliamentary bloc concludes today its tour of the parliamentary blocs and independent parliamentarians with a meeting with “Lebanese Forces” party leader Samir Geagea at his headquarters in Maarab to get his opinion on the rescue initiative he put forward, starting with his approach to the presidential election and the need to complete it within its constitutional time by electing a new President of the Republic with qualifications The bloc proposed that he be outside the political alignments, and that he would later turn, according to his sources, to Asharq Al-Awsat, to evaluate the atmosphere that prevailed his tour in preparation for the second step he intends to take in light of his sifting of the names of the presidential candidates by excluding those who do not meet the specifications contained in the his rescue initiative.
Asharq Al-Awsat learned that the general trend of the “forces of change” deputies stems from their exclusion of candidates of different political tendencies who belong to the “resistance” axis in the interest of forming a parliamentary pressure force to favor the candidate who is supposed to have the support of the parliamentary majority.
In this context, the sources of the “forces of change” bloc confirmed that it will press in agreement with the parliamentary blocs that meet with them on a set of common denominators contained in his rescue initiative to secure the support of 50 deputies as a minimum, from whom a pressure force can be formed, not to block the path of not securing the two-thirds majority for Fatah. The session devoted to electing the president only, but also to open the door to consensus on a president who is inclusive of the Lebanese and does not resemble his predecessor, Michel Aoun, and does not belong to the axis of “resistance.” The same sources pointed out that they are not in favor of running in the elections with a candidate who challenges the other party, and said that they are dealing realistically with the presidential elections file without compromising the specifications they set and which the future president of the republic must enjoy to move the country to the stage of rescue.
She considered that the “forces of change” bloc’s call to deal realistically with the presidential election is based on the necessity of interaction to secure the election of the president on its constitutional date, because any parliamentary group will face difficulty in securing the legal quorum required for the session to take place unless it reaches an understanding with the other party, provided it does not accept its terms that conflict with The contents of the rescue initiative that the bloc seeks to market.
The same sources said that there is no problem in adopting the candidate who poses a challenge to the axis of resistance and is able to cancel the candidate of the other party to make way for the search for a settlement by electing a rescue president who has the ability to restore the confidence of the Lebanese and through them the confidence of the international community and the Arab group after the current era turned its back. To correct the Lebanese-Arab relations.
She expressed her satisfaction with the atmosphere in which the “Forces for Change” bloc met with the parliamentary blocs affiliated with the “Democratic Gathering”, the “Lebanese Forces”, the “Phalange”, “Tashnaq” and the independents, while insisting on not excluding the other parliamentary blocs represented by “Hezbollah” and “Party of God”. Development and Liberation” headed by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, the “Free Patriotic Movement”, the “Marada” movement, and other representatives belonging to or revolving in the opposition axis.
The sources paused in front of the atmosphere that prevailed in the meeting of the “Forces of Change” bloc’s delegation with the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc headed by MP Muhammad Raad, and said that the latter listened to an explanation provided by the “Change” bloc about the national motives that dictated him to launch his rescue initiative.
The same sources confirmed that the meeting with “Hezbollah” entered the heart of the crisis, with Raad saying that the party is fighting an existential battle and that the country is in further wear and tear that affects everyone. this responsibility alone.
Raad added, according to the sources, that the party is looking forward to electing a president who will provide him with reassurances and guarantees that his weapons will not be touched and his fate is linked to the adoption of the defense strategy in Lebanon in the face of Israeli aggressions and ambitions. The presidency” even though he had repeatedly stated that he had left the palace and that “we have no interest in the presidential vacancy and we support the formation of a new government or the flotation of the caretaker government to remedy the possibility that the president will not be elected on time.” It was understood from the position presented by Raad that the party had characteristics of another kind, even if it did not directly object to the specifications stated in the rescue bloc initiative, while the sources noted that the “Tashnaq” party was keen to differentiate its position from its ally, the head of the “Strong Lebanon” bloc, MP Gibran. Bassil is not in the request of his head, Deputy Hagop Pakradounian, that his meeting with the bloc’s delegation be limited to the party without participating in the bloc’s proposed meeting with Bassil, but rather in his adoption of the most prominent of what was stated in the “forces of change” initiative, and therefore he is not bound by the position of his ally, the “Free Patriotic Movement.” .
As for the bloc’s meeting with the “Democratic Gathering” headed by Taymour Walid Jumblatt, the same sources confirmed that it was distinguished by consensus on the basis that necessity requires a realistic dealing with the presidential election and a readiness to face the post-presidential vacancy stage on the basis of consensus not to side with any candidate who belongs to the axis. reluctance.
On the other hand, the meeting of the bloc’s delegation with Bassil did not bring anything new, according to the sources, because the latter dealt arrogantly with the change deputies’ proposal for their initiative, and almost acted as if he was the one who formulated the initiative, blaming the political system for the collapse and its response to the reforms proposed by Aoun. In other words, Bassil deals from above with the rescue initiative, and this is what prompted Representative Cynthia Zarazir to withdraw from the meeting, knowing that she had previously been a supporter of the “National Movement” before she left and joined a team of the old guard who was behind the establishment of the movement and contested the elections in alliance with Representative Paula Yacoubian.


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