The Arbaeen visit: The road is "not easy" for the Shiites of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia - BBC News Arabic

The Arbaeen visit: The road is “not easy” for the Shiites of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia – BBC News Arabic

  • Sana Khoury
  • Religious Affairs Correspondent – BBC News Arabic

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Passengers arrive at Najaf airport in Iraq to participate in the commemoration of the Arbaeen of Imam Hussein

With the reduction of travel restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, major religious gatherings around the world have returned to recovery, after two years of banning millions of people wishing to perform mass rituals, and the religious tourism sector has faltered significantly.

The anniversary of the fortieth anniversary of Hussein is one of the major religious occasions for Shiite Muslims, as millions go to the Iraqi city of Karbala, to visit the shrine of Imam Hussein bin Ali, and to participate in huge processions, the date of which falls this year on September 17.

In the years prior to the epidemic, the influx of visitors to the holy shrines in Iraq was described as “the largest religious gathering and the largest foot march in the world”, as participants from more than forty countries head, a week or ten days before the anniversary, to perform the “duty of condolences” and visit shrines home’s people.

It is not new to say that the travel of Shiite citizens from the Gulf – Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in particular – to shrines and shrines in Iran and Iraq is not entirely easy, given the charged political context between the Gulf governments and Iran, and the escalation of Sunni/Shiite sectarian tension in the Arab region during the past decades.

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