From (Sana Younis) to (Sawsan Badr) .. Stars in the heart of the Gulf drama - Shahryar Al-Nujoum

From (Sana Younis) to (Sawsan Badr) .. Stars in the heart of the Gulf drama – Shahryar Al-Nujoum

Written by: Ahmed Al-Samahi

It seems that the Gulf drama has noticed what the Lebanese drama has done, which in recent years has attracted a group of Syrian drama stars to work on the fame of its stars. (Habib Ghuloom), who announced in one of the programs that the presence of an Egyptian star helps promote the Gulf star, given the large population of Egypt, which exceeds 100 million Egyptians, and he literally said: (If we see from the 100 million Egyptians, 2 or 3 million, this is enough) ! Today we will stop at some of the stars who participated in the Gulf drama in 2022, then we will briefly list the participation of other stars in the past years.

Sawsan Badr tops his mother’s son’s poster

Sawsan Badr.. His mother’s son

A few days ago, the artist (Sawsan Badr) began filming her first work in the Gulf drama, where she is participating in the Kuwaiti series (Wald His Mother) written by Fahd Al-Aliwa, directed by Hussein Dashti, starring with a group of Gulf stars, including (Ahmed Al-Salman, Ahlam Hassan, Habib Ghuloom, Mahmoud Bou Shehri) The series consists of 8 episodes and is scheduled to be shown soon on one of the platforms, and through this work (Sawsan) embodies the character of an Egyptian mother who marries a Kuwaiti man and lives in Kuwait, and due to the circumstances of her husband’s travel, she is responsible for raising her son alone.

For the first time in her career, Sawsan speaks the Kuwaiti dialect, as the Egyptian and Kuwaiti dialects are presented in the series due to the requirements of the role and character.

Shaima Seif and Bayoumi Fouad are the heroes of the blue rooster

Shaima Seif.. house 12

The artist (Shaima Seif) will also participate in the coming days in the series (House 12), written by Muhammad Al-Nashmi, directed by Manaf Abdel Aal. Al-Faraj, Nour, Fatima Al-Hosani, Buthaina Al-Raisi, Amal Muhammad, Fatat Sultan, Ahmed Al-Awanan, Muhammad Al-Alawi, Muhammad Al-Ramadan, and Abdul-Mohsen Al-Qaffas. Ebiz Productions has allocated a huge budget for artistic and theater production to work in order to present the viewers in the best way.

And (Shaima Seif) previously participated in the Gulf drama, in the month of Ramadan last year, she participated in the series (The Blue Cock), written and directed by Hani Kamal, and starring (Abdullah Al-Sadhan, Bayoumi Fouad, Marzouq Al-Ghamdi, Gibran Gibran, Fouz Al-Abdullah, Miteb Saad). Ida, Abdullah Al Hammadi, Taher Bakhsh, Saeed Saleh, and Noura Mustafa).

Ayten Amer tops a closed poster for maintenance

Aiten Amer .. Closed for maintenance

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The third star that participated in the Gulf drama this year is the artist (Aiten Amer), who will soon show her her first experiences in Kuwaiti drama through the series (Closed for Maintenance), story and directed by Ammar Hashem Al-Moussawi, starring (Mohammed Al-Alawi, Suleiman Eid, Ahmed Hamdi, Abdullah Al-Muslim, Hassan Ibrahim), and (Aiten) will present through the work events the character of the girl (Rawan), a girl from an Egyptian family, but has been living for some time in the State of Kuwait.

Rogina.. the kid of the harem

Rogina.. the kid of the harem

Last Ramadan, the star (Rogina) presented the series (Kid Al-Harem), written by Fahd Ali Al-Balushi, directed by Mustafa Fekry, and in it she embodied the role of (Sumaya), the widow who marries after the death of her husband from a 60-year-old man, and initially refuses to marry him from Yes her children, but he convinces her of his love and that he waited for her for many years without marriage until her husband died, so she agrees in the end and comic situations begin in their lives, and a group of Gulf art stars participated with her, including (Abdullah Al-Imam, Hanadi Al-Kandari, Muhammad Al-Haddad, Rawan Al-Ali).

Nashwa Mustafa .. the one between them

Nashwa Mustafa… the ones we love

Apart from the four stars who participated in the Gulf drama for the first time in 2022, there are stars who have a long history in the Gulf drama. These are the artist (Nashwa Mustafa), who has participated in recent years in many Gulf experiences, specifically the UAE, and last year she performed in the month of Ramadan Starring in the series (We Love Them), written by Maree Al-Halyan, directed by Bassem Shabo, starring (Ahmed Al Jasmi, Aisha Abdel Rahman, Fatima Al Hosani, Juma Ali, Marwan Abdullah, Maitha Muhammad, Alia Muhammad), and it is one of the Gulf comedic works that were shown last year, where (Nashwa) embodied the character of an Egyptian woman who is married to an Emirati citizen and has a girl, then she was subjected to a fraud and lost all her money, as a result of her great ambitions.

(Nashwa Mustafa) has previously participated in Gulf dramas and plays, including (Human Group, The Annunciation, Tamasha, A Place in the Heart, and Architecture of Secrets).

The life of the cheetah and Sana Younis in Al-Maqloufa

Sana Younis … Al-Maqloufa

The late star (Sana Younis) was one of the first artists to participate in the Gulf Business Championship, where she participated 30 years ago, specifically in 1992 in the Kuwaiti series (Al-Maqloufa), a Kuwaiti comedy series written by Tariq Othman, directed by Youssef Hammouda, and produced by Al-Nazaer Company, and starring it. Each of (Hayat Al-Fahd, Abdul Rahman Al-Aql, Muhammad Al-Mansour), as well as several guests of honor such as (Maryam Al-Saleh, Jassim Al-Nabhan, Taiba Al-Faraj, Abdul-Imam Abdullah) and other artists. That period of television nights and tragic series that talk about the invasion and its effects.

The late star also participated in some other Gulf works, especially in the theater.

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