Events, initiatives and works of art.. the Qatar Federation launches a campaign to support "Al Annabi" in the World Cup

Events, initiatives and works of art.. the Qatar Federation launches a campaign to support “Al Annabi” in the World Cup

With mass events, artwork, inspirational initiatives and content on social media platforms, the Qatar Football Association launched a campaign to support the Qatari national football team on its journey to the World Cup, which is being hosted by Qatar for the first time in the Middle East and the Arab world.

“In the love of Qatar… Al Annabi is stronger with your encouragement” was chosen as the campaign slogan to emphasize the importance of the role of the masses in the next stage, and that Qatar’s success in the 2022 World Cup requires everyone’s solidarity and the fans standing behind the team and conveying this feeling to the players and their support, whether during the coming period or during the tournament.

The campaign, the details of which were announced – in a press conference today, Saturday, amid support from private institutions – escalates with the approach of the global event and is divided into two main parts:

  • Marketing and public events
  • Digital media content on the social media platforms of the Qatar Federation
“In the love of Qatar.. Annabi is stronger with your encouragement” is the slogan of the campaign to support the national team in the World Cup (French)

perfect timing

The director of the Marketing and Communications Department of the Qatar Football Association, Khaled Al-Kuwari, explains that the main objective of the campaign is to support the Qatari team participating in the World Cup finals held in the country, and to mobilize the masses, which are an essential pillar and an important part of the success of any team.

Al-Kuwari says – in a statement to Al-Jazeera Net – that the campaign is divided into two parts:

  1. The first part started right after the Qatari league stopped
  2. The second begins next month, as the campaign holds events for the masses in the Msheireb and Lusail areas, promotional activities in schools, and launches purposeful artwork and inspiring initiatives in encouragement, as well as distinctive content on social media.

He added that the timing of the campaign was very ideal with the federation’s strategy in preparing for the World Cup, as it came immediately after the launch of the team’s shirt in maroon and white, which symbolize the identity and authentic Qatari heritage.

Al-Kuwari affirms that “despite the participation of the Qatar national team – the former Asian champion – for the first time in the World Cup finals, it has distinguished players that we are proud of, who present good levels and are able to appear distinctively and honor Qatari football.”

Al-Kuwari points out that the campaign also includes promotional tours in schools, in agreement with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and includes 5 artworks, including a special work by Qatari artist Fahd Al-Kubaisi.

Part of the media presence
From the press conference to launch the campaign to support the Qatari national team (Qatari Press)

company house

The campaign includes events for the masses in two main areas:

  1. The Msheireb area and its activities will start early next month in the “Company House” and include games, competitions, a museum and an art gallery, as well as the “Al Annabi Village” dedicated to the fans of the Qatari national team, citizens and residents, where all the promotional materials such as shirts and flags of the team will be available in the framework of the campaign of support and support. The selection of the Company House, which has its origins in the city of Dukhan (the city that witnessed the first launch of football in Qatar), aims to highlight the heritage district as it is an important tourist destination in the heart of Doha and a major center for introducing Qatari culture and history to all World Cup fans.
  2. Its activities will start on the tenth of next October in Lusail Marina, and contain games, a 3D dome, a lighted tunnel, an official store for the national team shirts, a Majlis and car decoration. The Lusail area was chosen because it combines history and modernity, as it was built according to international standards that reflect exclusivity and seamlessly combine the heritage of Qatar with the latest manifestations of development and modern luxury.

Al-Kuwari believes that the presence of the fans is very important and huge during the training of the Qatari team, which will open for them for the first time on the second of next October, as the mass momentum will be a positive factor and will support the players during their journey in the World Cup.

He stresses that the Federation is striving through this campaign to provide digital media content on social media platforms in order to ensure access to all segments of fans, especially in light of the renewal of ideas and the creation of distinctive content in a new and modern way.

Al-Kuwari believes that the fans are an essential pillar of football, and their mobilization is an important part of the success of any team
Al-Kuwari: The presence of the fans is very important and huge during the training of the Qatari team (Qatari Press)

5 artworks

It also recorded 5 special artworks for the campaign aimed at supporting and encouraging the Qatari team during its first participation in the World Cup, as well as cartoons and songs for children.

The five lyrical works include a lyric work by Qatari singer Fahd Al-Kubaisi, and another by Kuwaiti artist Alaa Al-Hindi, which will be launched tomorrow, Sunday.

Qatar will compete in the finals, which will be held from November 20 to December 18, next, in Group A along with the Netherlands, Senegal and Ecuador.

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