Zahrat Al-Khaleej - Belqis as "Barbie" and Amr Diab sings a new one

Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Belqis as “Barbie” and Amr Diab sings a new one

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The party market in the Arab world witnessed a great recovery this summer, and the August concerts were successful and varied; To complete the series of parties, which were launched – at the beginning of this year’s season – in various cities; The concerts varied in their forms, places of residence, and even their stars, and they were often “full in number.” The audience also interacted positively with its stars, a large number of whom were keen to present their new songs, especially since the song market witnessed the release of a large number of them, during the last period.

The artist, Belqis Fathi, presented the conclusion of a series of “beat the heat” concerts in Dubai, “full number” in the presence of a large audience. Then she sang a large number of her songs that the audience chanted with her, which are: “A New Case, Majnun, Hawa, and Diplomat”, in addition to the song “Al-Ghazala Raika”.

And Belqis managed to catch the eye, and be the subject of great interest, recently, in the field of fashion; Therefore, her appearance at the ceremony was in a distinctive short dress in fuchsia, bearing the signature of “Valentino”. The look was chosen by the stylist Cedric Haddad, and her fans described her, through social media, as “Barbie”.

Belqis expressed her happiness with the success of the ceremony, through the large public attendance and good organization, and revealed – in a press statement – that she was honored during this summer season to present a series of concerts to her fans, and was in constant contact with them, and that the coming period will witness her announcement of a number of concerts, from It is due to be submitted until the end of this year.

On the other hand, Belqis is preparing, within days, to record the opening song for the World Cup, which will be announced by FIFA soon. The poet Malak Adel, and composed by Muhammad Yahya, in the first cooperation with producer Hamdi Badr, and directed by Ali Abu Talib, in the second of her experiences with him, after the song “Diplomatic” last summer.

The plateau in Jeddah

In front of a large audience, the Egyptian artist Amr Diab performed a big party in a resort in the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he took to the stage to the tune of his song “Ya Anna Ya La”, amid the cheers of the masses. He presented “The Plateau” with a break from his most famous songs, such as: “I love him, this is if I WhatsApp, Pisces, they learn, I love him, you are luck, sweeter and half, the new look, who walks walking, in front of her mirror, two moons, as you are, b, b, and b.” Wak, Sweet People”, in addition to his latest songs “From 6 to 9”, which are written by Ayman Bahgat Qamar, composed by Mohamed Yahya, and distributed by Wissam Abdel Moneim.

Prior to that, Amr Diab had performed a concert in “Sol Beach”, in Marassi on the North Coast, in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and he was “full in number”, while tomorrow (September 9) he will perform the Super Cup ceremony at Lusail Stadium in Doha, between the two teams. Zamalek and the Saudi Crescent.

new nicole

The Lebanese singer, Nicole Saba, caught the attention during her revival of a summer evening in New Mansoura inside “Delta Marina”, in the presence of thousands of families and young people, from various governorates of the Egyptian Republic. Of cheers and shouts of admiration. After that, she was keen to greet the audience, and continued her brilliance with a compass of her distinctive songs, including: “My Barhati, Toto Ni, I decided, O Valley, O Taqil, the nights of the nights, Bint Al Sultan, a selfie, and the weather is sweet.” Nicole joked with one of her fans, who interacted with her strongly, asking him to say: “Haha”, after which she commented: “(Haha) is the name of my new song, which I am preparing to release.”

romantic evening

The Lebanese artist, Wael Kfoury, revived a romantic summer evening on the beach of Jericho, on the northern coast of Egypt, in the presence of the full number, which was dominated by the women’s side. Among the attendees were: Elham Shaheen, Laila Elwi, anchor Inji Ali, and other women who interacted with Kfoury’s distinctive songs over the course of nearly two hours. Kfoury presented a large number of his rap and romantic songs, which he starred in during his artistic career, in addition to his recently released songs, which achieved great success, including: “The Strong Girl” and “We Are All Munanger”, which approached 55 million views.

And participated in the revival of the romantic concert, the artist Ahmed Saad, who ignited the atmosphere with the songs: “Expand Wide”, “What a sweet day”, “Aleki Oyoun”, and “Banadi Alek”.

The simplicity of Saber Al-Rubai

The artist Saber Al-Rubai performed a distinguished musical evening, during which he was able to confirm the continuity of the refined taste in music and authentic rap, as part of the activities of the second night of the Ras Al-Hikma Festival in “Sea View” on the North Coast, and opened his romantic link with the song “Simply”, amid a storm of applause. And chants of admiration, after which he was keen to greet the audience, and expressed his happiness with his presence in the “Mother of the World”.

The Quartet starred with a compass of his songs, including: “Oh Honey, I represented love, Al Tayer, my new age, I challenge the world, concluded Tarek, Izz Al Habayeb, and my wound is healed,” in addition to “Medley” from the Tunisian heritage, which was previously sung by the late artist Zikra. .

king night

Mohamed Mounir performed one of the largest concerts on the North Coast for the summer of 2022, where the King opened the ceremony with the song “Oh, the Bride of the Nile.” Mounir continued the concert with a large number of his distinguished songs, including: “Hila, Richa Fe Hawa, Chocolate, Younes, and Alamouni,” in addition to his new song “Lee,” which the audience demanded of him, and other songs that ignited the successive dance links for two hours. Among the attendees were the poet Amir Taima, his wife Jenny, the producer of the “Ras Al-Hikma Lyric Festival” Wael Abdel Ghani, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Sea View” Ahmed Fakhry.

Sign in El Alamein

The city of El Alamein in Egypt also witnessed a special party, the star of which was the artist Ragheb Alama, who presented a number of his distinguished songs, which he starred in throughout his artistic career, including: Ali El Mawla, producer Sarah El Tabakh, Heba El Sisi, and composer Mahmoud Khayami, with whom he sang a number of songs in which they collaborated, including “Form 6,” which they presented together twice.

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