Jamal Matar.. lyrical art |  Gulf newspaper

Jamal Matar.. lyrical art | Gulf newspaper

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In this corner, we celebrate a group of our most prominent creators who provided aesthetic and entertaining literary touches, enriched the conscience, raised the taste of readers, gave us food that expressed the achievements of the homeland, the transformations of society and human concerns. Which guide us in the paths of life.

It combines poetry, novel, theater, media, and “Al-Mutanabbi.” Perhaps Al-Mutanabbi here is the disease of Jamal Matar Al-Jamil. Especially when you leave him examining the yeast of theatrical work while he scrutinizes the text and imagines the show, and selects the most appropriate actors for his open presentation on the stage, which he builds with his own hands, the architecture of a professor in theater engineering.

Jamal Matar was born in Sharjah in 1963, near the area of ​​“Al Rolla” and “Al Rolla”, as the people of the Emirates and the old residents know a tree in the old area of ​​Sharjah near Al Shuwaiheen, and the place borrowed its name from the tree that will become a form of spatial and population memory For the people of Sharjah, it is a lush evergreen tree, and according to a published documentary material, researcher Latifa Al Matrooshi says that the Rolla tree dates back to more than 150 years and was planted by Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr bin Rashid Al Qasimi 1803-1866, and it is necessary to illuminate this eastern place and its tree, When we draw a pencil portrait of the character of Jamal Matar, where his first childhood place is, and that child will become a well-known and distinguished playwright in the UAE and in the Arab Gulf.

“Beautiful” play

Among the theatrical experiences that are outside the Italian box of Jamal Matar, we mention the play “Gamila”, which he presented in the Al-Khan area in Sharjah in the early or mid-nineties of the twentieth century. This show has a small story that Jamal Matar tells in one of his biographical sources. In the book “The First Manzil” of the poet and researcher Ayyash Yahyaoui, that his father and uncle were well-known thieves, and his uncle “Khalifa” used to recite the Holy Qur’an in his beautiful voice, and his father used to write poetry, and his grandfather lived on his mother’s side in Bahrain and died there, while his grandfather from His father, he is from the ancient Al-Suwaidi family, lived in the Al-Khan area in Sharjah, and perhaps for this reason an old nostalgia prompted him to present a beautiful play in the Al-Khan area, where his righteous and pious grandfather used to live.

At the age of two, Jamal Matar’s family moved to live in the Hamriyah area in Dubai, but it is noticeable here that the life of the child Jamal Matar before he reached the age of ten was between the Rolla tree and the sea coast, where the Hamriyah area is, and we also do not forget that Sharjah Port is not far from the heart of Sharjah, it is the poetic watery place right next to the heart of the city, and in this lyrical, aesthetic, poetic horizon par excellence, the eyes of the beauty of rain open on the water, the seagulls, the boats, the sounds of the sailors, and the goods of the boats.

family space

It is fortunate that he who lived in a place of lyrical poetry, because he will inherit this lyricism directly from the place, but at the same time he will inherit poetry from the family space, and once again we will return to Al-Mutanabbi and Jamal Matar, for his father was a poet, and he is the same poet who planted the sedition of Al-Mutanabbi in the heart of The boy who was Jamal at the time.

However, Jamal Matar had another passion in his heart.. It is the theater that he would study, academically, theoretically and practically, before he presented his theatrical experiences – and put them boldly but cautiously on stage, and they are in the dozens, and in all this theatrical treasury he will be – completely selective when writing for theater, and when He turns the text into a show, and when he bets on an actor, he considers him from the beginning his winning horse.

jungle spring

Gamal Matar won the hair too. He wrote the prose poem despite his traditional “prophetic” upbringing, and he will also win the novel, and his novel “The Spring of the Forest” will be like a daring adventure in the context of writing on the tongue of the animal or the mask of the animal, and he will engage in a novel experience before that entitled “Dog”, and it remains in all its narrative conditions. Tightened by an invisible thread to the stage. The movement of the text, its rhythm, its dialogues, its monologues, and its intellectual, psychological and linguistic implications, all of which are theatrical characteristics.

Jamal Matar wrote the article and the biography as well, and in his written conditions, one literary form did not prevail over another literary form for him. In the theater he has a cultural and aesthetic personality, and in the novel he has a narrative cultural personality, and in poetry, Al-Mutanabbi was not so passionate about him as a patriarch or a poetic tyrant on experiences that Jamal Matar loved in Emirati and Arabic poetry. And the poetry of the activation, and the poetry of the prose poem.

sentimental couple

In my opinion, no pen portrait drawn by a writer of Jamal Matar is complete without a reference to his soul mate, Naji al-Hay. It is for him half an orange, or half an apple, as well as the beauty of Matar for Naji al-Hay. My soulmates are primarily my life companions, but at the same time they are a cultural binary. They studied theater in theory before directing, wrote for theater, directed works that ventured out of the Italian box, and the audience saw them on the sand and in the open air. The play, like the Sharjah Theatrical Days, constitutes an optimistic moment that says that friendship that produces high human art is in itself nobility and beauty.

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