How do you find out that this person is your other half?

How do you find out that this person is your other half?

Choosing a life partner or your other half is one of the most difficult and fateful decisions that you may go through in your life. A life partner is the person you choose of your own free will. To establish with him the project of life (the marital nest), and there is a big difference between choosing a husband and choosing a life partner. The life partner requires special specifications, as it is the heart that feels you, and it is the partner of happiness, sadness, health and disease.. “Madam” met with a family relations consultant who specializes in self-development. Dr.. Draz Amin Iskandar; To talk about the signs that this person is your other half.
Dr. says. Draz to “Madam”: Your choice of your other half should be based on many common traits between you, then you will feel that you are with the person who makes you satisfied and content with your life. You will certainly feel the guarantee of establishing a stable family life.

Signs that this person is your other half
  • Signs that this person is your other half

• Always listening to you

Careful attention and good listening to you when talking to you, and always talking to you in his mind; He always remembers him, and you always find him asking about your conditions, your life, and your day. When you find this characteristic in him; Make sure that you have found your other half. The desire to hear from you is one of the signs that confirm that you are on the right path, and that you are with the right partner for you.

There is a great similarity between the two of you

There is a great similarity between the two of you in the many different interests and hobbies that you share your love for; Such as favorite sports, food, political trends or general outlook on life, and that the common factors between the two partners increase the chances of staying together forever and not the other way around, and this does not mean that the two like the same type of art or listening to the same music, a good match means that the two people listen to things similar, or have a desire to do those things together.

There is a great similarity between the two of you

• Accepts faults and gives advice

It is normal to have flaws in a life partner; Because defects come to all of us, and no person is free from defects, so when you find that this person accepts defects that do not pose a threat to the integrity of the relationship between you, and always advises to address these defects, and even ignores most of them and does not focus on them, in other words deals with defects wisely, especially Minor flaws that can be lived with, that person always seeks your appreciation and respect.

• Ready to discuss with you at any time

The presence of dialogue between the two partners is essential to the success of any relationship; Because it is thus far from the one-sided view that most men follow; And it is not accepting the other’s point of view, so the partner who has the wisdom to manage the dialogue on any topic, or any problem, is a sure guarantee for the continuity of love and family warmth. Your other half will accept to discuss anything with you without causing him any distress, but will hear from you Your point of view is complete, and he discusses with you; Until you arrive at convincing and satisfying ideas for you.

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• Does not hinder your success

The person who sees a degree of happiness and satisfaction within him and is always enthusiastic about your success and always seeks to stand with you to achieve your goals; He is the one who will not hold you back, on the contrary; You will always find him to consider your success as his success, and he is the person with whom you have to complete your life, but if your relationship with him is unhealthy; You will find him trying to sabotage your life.

Always excited for your success

• a copy the same as orgenal

There is a great similarity between you and your other half in the many different interests and hobbies that you both share in love with; Like favorite sports, food, political trends, or general outlook on life, increasing the common factors between you and your other half increases the chances of staying together forever, and not the other way around, as the difference between you causes many endless problems.

• It is a comfort for you in the time of distress

It is not easy for your partner to see you going through difficult circumstances and carrying a lot of worries and standing in front of you idly by, but you find him feeling sorrow and sadness when you are upset, and you find him trying hard to relieve you; In order to relieve you and overcome this crisis and pass in peace, the attention he gives you and attention to your emotions is very important and clear evidence that this person deserves to be your partner.

The relationship has a clear balance

That is, there will be congruence, compatibility and compatibility between you in all matters, a perfect balance between you, and there will be positive interaction in achieving your common goals in your next life, which is a feeling of harmony, emotional belonging, affection, love and mercy for each of you, and a feeling of contentment, happiness and agreement in your next married life, and the clarity of its ability To successfully deal with future life problems.

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