Urs Fischer.. Union Berlin hunter who turned German football upside down

Urs Fischer.. Union Berlin hunter who turned German football upside down

Nothing new under the sun, Paris Saint-Germain tops the French League, Napoli at the top of the Italian league table, Real Madrid, the defending champion, is still at the top of Spain, and Arsenal returns in a long-awaited event to hold the top so far.

Nothing seems strange in the big five leagues, maybe Seville and Leicester are going through a clear collapse at the beginning of the season, Manchester United turned their bad start into a special start, Liverpool is still suffering but these things happen, and Germany does not need to look at it from the ground up, let whoever wants do what he wants In the end, Bayern Munich remains on top.

No, that is not the case now, Bayern Munich is not on top. Dortmund? no. Leipzig? Also no.. Union Berlin is at the top of the German League, and of course, we have many questions, the first of which is obvious: Who is Union Berlin in the first place?

You must be a good follower of German football so that you know that Berlin owns a team other than Hertha from the ground up, although it is ancient and was founded in 1906, but these are its most prominent achievements in an unobtrusive short: the German League rank in 1923 – the German Cup runner-up in 2001 – participation in the German Cup European exhibitions twice – Participation in the European Union Cup (currently the European League) for the 2001-2002 season based on the cup rank.

All this is all that has been achieved up to 2018, that is, almost 112 years in the history of this club, almost nothing, but let’s agree from the start: the dividing line is the first of July of 2018.

the hunter

The Swiss Urs Fischer is the hero of this fairy tale. A former defender who only played for two teams in his country: Zurich and St. Gallen. He started it as a junior in 1973, and ended it retiring in 2003. Three decades of playing football, you will likely produce someone who continues to work in football.

His career as a player is not much different from the history of Union Berlin, he won the Swiss Cup in 2000 with Zurich, his only club championship, and his career as an international player consists of only 4 matches between 1989 and 1991. His only glory as a player is that he has participated in the most matches in the history of the Swiss League, with 545 matches.

You can take the man from Zurich, but apparently you cannot take the man from Zurich. Just as the team he grew up with for 11 years, and his professional team for 10 intermittent years, Fisher gradually trained in various stages of his life after retiring, until he became his first real training station between 2010 and 2012.

This time Zurich was a gateway forward, although he was sacked after a bad season, but he moved to lead his country’s great Basel in 2013, won the league with him in 2016, then combined it with the cup in 2017.

During that successful season, specifically in the month of April, the new management of the club came and announced that it would not renew his contract.

The fisherman may have patience and the ability to tolerate disappointment, but his description of the fisherman here is not a play on the name Fisher, which means “fisherman” in English, the man really loves to fish, but no one knows when exactly he turned from fishing to chasing giants. .

Promised Land

Fischer took charge of Union Berlin in the German second division, and in his first-ever experience outside Switzerland, what was waiting for? A crowned coach in Switzerland is looking to rediscover his coaching career at a lower level in a stronger football country?

First of all, he led the team in his first season to third place qualifying for the playoffs to the Bundesliga, and succeeded in eliminating its previous champion, Stuttgart thanks to the away goals rule.

An unexpected qualification, and now the goal is just to secure staying in the top division for as long as possible, and indeed, the end of the 2019-2020 season witnessed a very good gradual, as it finished the season in eleventh place with 41 points, 10 points behind the relegation zone, to ensure the renewal of the adventure for the year additional.

By December 2020, the entire German capital was aware that this was the right man, to be renewed until 2023, but can we say that someone predicted what would happen next? Probably not..

At the end of the 2020-2021 season, Union Berlin became the seventh in the German League with 50 points. It was no longer important to calculate the difference between him and the relegation zones, given the fact that he was 3 points away from a Europa League qualifying position.

Fortunately, which sometimes rewards the diligent, the man won the last match with a hat-trick against Fortuna Dusseldorf, and no longer had to care about the outcome of the match of his eighth pursuers, Borussia Moenchengladbach, who won his role.

Union Berlin secured seventh place, which this season specifically became a qualifying center for a newly developed European championship called the European Conference League.

For the first time in 20 years, Union Berlin will represent Germany in a continental forum.

Of course, the experience was not the best in terms of the result, as it ended in third place in the group after two victories, one draw and three defeats, but looking at the matter from the other angle, you have two choices: either it was an experience that would help refine this team and move it a step forward, or it was This team is just a passing guest on European competitions and will probably not be back here for 20 years.

Glory to what you won’t believe before it happens

Well, Union Berlin’s answer is definitive. 57 points finished fifth and qualified for the European League, and was one point away from the fourth qualifying place for the Champions League, imagine where that madness could have reached..

A fictional story, the protagonist is a defensively organized team at speeds with a deadly sting in the front. Only 44 goals conceded by the team last season, becoming the third strongest defense after Bayern Munich and Leipzig.

All this was achieved with the third smallest budget in the German League, and almost negligible popularity compared to its peers. With specifications like this, “they don’t even have the right to finish in the first half of the table, but there they are. Union Berlin is once again in Europe and the best team in the capital by a vast distance,” as the Polynews report described this bewildering case.

The European start is mixed as usual, as the team lost the first two matches, and you do not tell me that a team like this is required to organize its breath between the league and the continental struggle, while Chelsea loses at the hands of Dinamo Zagreb in the middle of the week.

The most important fact of all is as follows: Union Berlin leads the German league with 17 points after the first 7 weeks, with 5 victories and two draws, one of them against Bayern Munich, which is five points away from it now.

There are no guarantees that this will continue, of course, and in the battle of the soul the longest is usually the victory of the Bavarian ally, but by the seventh week, who would have said that Diego Simeone would snatch the 2014 League between the tusks of Barcelona and Real Madrid?

Trying week seven in the Premier League, who would have said that Claudio Ranieri would put his first-ever league title as a coach with a team like Leicester City by the summer of 2016?

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