Designer Hala Al-Khuraiji for “Sayida”: My grandmother is my first inspiration.. Charmalina jewelry is a reflection of the ancient heritage of my country

Designer Hala Al-Khuraiji for “Sayida”: My grandmother is my first inspiration.. Charmalina jewelry is a reflection of the ancient heritage of my country

Today, Saudi Arabia is witnessing the success of many designers in the fields of fashion and jewelry, as they benefit from the ancient heritage of their homeland to present the most beautiful pieces. Among these designers, Hala Al-Khuraiji, who launches jewelry collections, is inspired by the heritage of her homeland as an expression of her love and belonging to it, and her pride in its heritage. Its pieces embody the Saudi flag, map, sand and palm trees in order to present the citizen, resident and tourist the most beautiful souvenir of the country.

“Madam” met Hala Al-Khuraiji, the co-founder and managing director of Charmaleena Jewellers, she holds a master’s degree in international management from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, England, and she joined the Higher Institute of Diamond and Gem Inspection GIA, we asked her about her start in the field of design Jewelery, the most prominent pieces it offers, in addition to its style that reflects the taste of Saudi women.

Necklaces from the Saudi Group One Tribe of Hala Al-Khuraiji Jewelery

First of all, introduce yourself, and how did you get your start in the field of design?

Hala Al-Khuraiji, a jewelry designer. I entered the field because of my great passion and my sister Lina in jewelry, and we supported our talent by studying, as we specialized in the management of information systems at Dar Al-Hekma University, then we joined the Higher Institute for the Examination of Diamonds and Gemstones GIA, and thank God, we benefited from our studies a lot by presenting unique ideas and creating jewelry of the highest quality.

Who do you get your inspiration for in your jewelry?
From my personal experiences in life, and from the Arab and Islamic civilization, our heritage is very rich and ancient. I also like poetry, Arabic calligraphy and everything related to art, and I know everything new in the world of design, as this nourishes my talent and motivates me to innovate. I also derive my ideas from reading new films and books, visiting exhibitions, and what distinguishes my designs most from the high-end simplicity and unique imprint.

How do you reflect the taste of Arab women through your designs?
Arab women today are aware of everything new in the world of jewelry, are fully aware of international fashion, and have a fine taste, so I work hard to provide international jewelry pieces that suit their aspirations.

What is your favorite stone, and what distinguishes it?
I love diamonds, this precious stone never loses its value, and is characterized by its purity, and I am very attracted to the acquisition of diamonds to adorn it, and present it to my children and grandchildren in the future, and I make sure that the stone is of high purity, and I care about its color and its story.

How do you use the Saudi heritage in your jewelry designs?
Our Saudi heritage is distinguished by its beautiful diversity. Knowing about heritage enhances the designer’s thinking, makes it more profound, and keeps it away from superficiality. In this context, I recently presented three groups, which I called “One Tribe” that expresses the Saudi people’s love for their homeland and the strength of their interdependence, namely, My Eyes Group, And the palm group, and the shield group.

You said that you presented three collections in love with Saudi Arabia, how are they different from each other?
The palm group expresses the permanent growth that Saudi Arabia is currently witnessing, while the eyes group represents the aspirations of the Saudi people for the better, and the shield group symbolizes the protection of the Saudis their homeland at all costs.

You also presented the “swords” bracelet, what does it symbolize?
Throughout the ages, and in the history of the ancient Arab civilizations, the sword has constituted and still is a symbol of strength, and my sister and I were inspired by it. Our collection, where we combined our love for jewelry with the power of the sword, and presented its pieces in a manner appropriate to our times to give elegance and strength to those who wear it.

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Swords rings designed by Hala and Lina Al-Khuraiji

What materials did you use in the set of swords?

It has diamonds and 18 karat gold completely.

Where did you get the inspiration for the “Love Swords” design, and what did you rely on?
The sword in the design symbolizes strength, and because the true strength is love, I made sure that the sword reminded of this strength. I always draw inspiration from my experiences in life, and the “Love Swords” bracelet reminds me of my strength.

The palm tree embodied in a modern and expressive way life in Saudi Arabia, tell us about that?
The palm tree is a symbol of growth and prosperity, as it is always the case in Saudi Arabia, so I embodied it in a beautiful piece that expresses this meaning, and gives the wearer a feeling of “to grow together.” Permanent growth is what I seek to highlight in my designs, especially as it represents my personality.

What distinguishes the palm brooch, and what gemstones did you use in its design?
The palm necklace symbolizes the Saudi palm and the nature of our brand. My sister and I used 18-carat gold and diamonds in different colors, and we added mother-of-pearl to it, to give the piece a special luster, and to suit every woman, especially those who believe in her influence and her role in the advancement of those around her.

You were inspired by more than one design from Makkah Al-Mukarramah, what is characterized by each design?
Makkah and Madinah are among the most important destinations in Saudi Arabia, and we Saudis are a source of pride, so we decided to make a piece of jewelry for them, to be the most beautiful gift for loved ones, especially on religious occasions, such as Ramadan and Hajj.

Is there a particular Saudi city that motivates you to be creative?
Yes, Jeddah is my city, and my first source of inspiration, however, it is not the only one from which I derive my ideas. Saudi Arabia is rich in heritage and cultures, and I am inspired by my jewelry pieces from all the cities, regions and civilizations of our country, and after moving to Riyadh, I discovered new ideas that will help me continue to be creative.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a successful designer?
The successful designer is the one who remains thirsty for learning, sets herself high standards, works to reach them, constantly searches for everything new in her field, sees the productions of the best designers in the world, and learns other skills that enable her to manage her business and contribute to achieving her vision on the Ground.

Saudi map design by Hala and Lina Al-Khuraiji

What is lacking in the field of design in Saudi Arabia, and how do you see its future?

The future of design in Saudi Arabia is brilliant, as we have cadres capable of competing with the best international designers, but we lack training and development so that these local talents reach the world, in addition to factories to manufacture our productions in large quantities, and the presence of schools and workshops that embrace and train designers, and God willing, all of this will be achieved After the launch of the promising “Vision 2030”.

Where do you see Saudi Arabia among the Arab countries on the fashion list?
I see her at the top, and I don’t say that in favor of my patriotism, but we have a good sense and taste, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia greatly supports the fashion sector, and our brand “Charmalina” is now part of the “100 Saudi Brands” program, which provides us with great support, and gives us It offers many opportunities inside and outside Saudi Arabia, and provides the best consultants in the field.

A word for Saudi Arabia on its national day?
On this great occasion, I dedicate my beloved country words that touched my heart from the singing of Talal Maddah:

What are your future projects and plans?
We are currently working on opening our second exhibition in Riyadh, and we also aspire to export abroad to convey our message to the whole world. Art is a global language, through which we convey the most beautiful meanings such as strength and love for the peoples of the earth.

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