Elizabeth II rests in her last resting place after a solemn historic farewell

Elizabeth II rests in her last resting place after a solemn historic farewell

Elizabeth II lies at her final resting place in the tomb of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, after a solemn and emotional farewell in honor of the memory of a world-famous queen.

After a final ceremony in Windsor with the participation of 800 people, the Queen was seen on Monday evening in a closed family ceremony at the royal tombs.

Prior to that, the chief custodian of the court broke his stick to put it on the coffin in a symbolic step to signify the end of her reign, after which Elizabeth II was absent from the eyes forever, who always had a smile on her face and calmness to become the icon of the kingdom after ascending the throne for 70 years, seven months and two days.

The ceremony concluded with the playing of the British national anthem. The family was left with only one last chance to bid farewell to the Queen, before going to her family, her sister Margaret, and her husband, Prince Philip, who died in April 2021, and whose marriage lasted 73 years.
The last trip of the Queen, who died on September 8 at the age of 96, ended in Balmoral, her residence in Scotland. Her coffin crossed the kingdom’s territory by car, by a Royal Air Force plane, by a cart drawn by sailors, and by horses during a long dismounted walk.

In Edinburgh and then London, hundreds of thousands of people waited hours, sometimes all night, for the last look at the coffin of the Queen, the only one most Britons would know if their currency had her picture and stamps on it, as the whole world knows her.
– The ability to unite ranks – A page of history came to an end with the departure of Queen Elizabeth II, who ascended the throne for 70 years, seven months and two days, and was always keen to perform her duties without making her positions public. She took her position seriously, carefully and with a sense of humor, sometimes irresistible.

In Windsor, Pauline Huxtable, 64, said she came to mark the “exceptional life” of a queen marked with “dignity”, stressing that her character was overshadowed by “motherhood”.
“I will never see another queen in my life because Charles III is now the king, then Prince William and after him George,” said Caroline Alkman, 48.

And she continued, “Elizabeth II was able to unite the ranks for 70 years, it was amazing,” and described the atmosphere as “sad” but “at the same time festive.”

Like the twelve days after her death, the last day was overshadowed by popular sentiment mixed with the splendor of British royal traditions, knowing that the funeral had been planned for two decades.

The coffin of Elizabeth II entered Westminster Cathedral after it was carried to the tunes of bagpipes and drums played by members of the Royal Navy from the Palace of Westminster, where it had been laid for five days.
The casket wrapped in the royal ensign and surmounted by the Imperial crown carried eight members of the Royal Guard and was placed on a cannon cart on the march to Westminster Abbey.

The casket arrived in a march and was followed by her son, King Charles, 73, and the Queen’s other children, Anne, Andrew, Edward, and heir to the throne, William, who has become Prince of Wales and Prince Harry in the dress of semen due to his withdrawal from the activities of the royal family in 2020.
They were joined inside the cathedral by King Camilla, William’s wife Kate, Princess of Wales, and Harry’s wife Meghan. Prince George (nine years old) and Princess Charlotte (seven years old) walked the children of Prince William behind the coffin of the Queen as he entered the cathedral.

– A ‘merry’ queen – The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, spiritual leader of the Anglican Church in which the Queen was at its head, said, “In a famous speech she gave when she was 21, Her late Majesty declared that her life was entirely devoted to serving the nation and the Commonwealth.”
“Rarely has a pledge been fulfilled so well,” they continued, praising a queen who was “fun”, “present for everyone” and “having an impact on the lives of many.”

The ceremony ended with the sound of the death anthem “Last Post”, which is played to honor the fallen soldiers, and with two minutes of silence throughout the country, and then the new national anthem, “God Save the King”.
Her body was transported through the streets of London with the participation of six thousand soldiers and escorted by the Royal Guard in red uniforms and black fur helmets. Thousands crowded along the path to the palace to bid farewell to the late queen with flowers, applause and tears.
He arrived at St George’s Chapel via the magnificent Long Walk to Windsor Castle.
Elizabeth had moved to the palace in west London when she was still a princess during the Second World War and has spent the majority of her time in recent years.

In the hallway of the palace can be seen her two dogs “Moyek” and “Sandy”, who are now in the custody of her son Prince Andrew.
Growing popularity The Queen’s health has deteriorated in recent months as she struggles to move around.
And two days before her death, she appeared in her last picture before her departure, smiling as she welcomed the new Prime Minister, Liz Terrace.
She was the oldest world leader. During her life she experienced World War II and witnessed the collapse of the British Empire, and the United Kingdom’s entry and exit from the European Union.

After 12 days of exhausting visits to the four territories that make up the United Kingdom, interspersed with the mingling of the crowd, and the grief caused by the loss of his mother, Charles III, 73, is truly beginning his reign.
Some were dreaming of a quick transition with the new Prince of Wales, his son William, 40. But Charles III, like his mother, promised to serve the people of the United Kingdom all his life.

His popularity has risen dramatically and is now at the level of 70 percent, according to a new opinion poll prepared by the YouGov Institute, while William got 80 percent.
However, many challenges are still in their infancy.
Life returns to normal in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, and the cost of living crisis and strikes are expected to take center stage in the newspapers.

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