How to promote an Android application and advertise a new application

How to promote an Android application and advertise a new application

Promote a new Android app By increasing the number of users and increasing traffic to download it from electronic application stores. Moreover, publicizing a new Android application and achieving an increasing and accelerating growth in the number of fans and users of this application is one of the goals of new application designers. Meanwhile, earn money from designing and developing apps and later uploading them to app stores for display. However, it takes a certain degree of skill and experience for the new Android application to reach a distinct degree of popularity and spread among users. In addition, the designers of new Android applications in the promotion and advertising of their applications benefit from the spread of smartphones among all people. Where many people of all ages accept to use smart phones and use many applications for their need. However, promoting a new Android application and publicizing it to a large extent requires the use of several methods and means that we will learn about in this article. We will also highlight the most important and successful ones.

How to promote an Android application and advertise a new application

Promoting an Android app and introducing a new app requires following one of the following methods:

  • Create an App campaign on Google Ads.
  • Increased organic app installs.
  • Optimizing the App Store in promoting Android app.
  • Follow Android design principles.
  • Set up an Android Beta test.
  • Create a video explaining how the new Android application works.
  • Youtube use
  • Use of social media.
  • Find influencers on social media.

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Create an app campaign on Google Ads and promote a new Android app

Creating an application campaign on Google Ads ads contributes to promoting the Android application and publicizing the new application, by following the following steps:

  1. Enter the Google Ads website at
  2. Then click on New Google Ads account to be taken to the Apps campaign page.
    • Note: If you do not have an account on Google Ads, a new account can be created after entering all the required data.
    • It also approved the creation of the new account on the link
  3. Then start by selecting the basic campaign settings to reach the right people.
  4. Choose a compatible app With mobile devices, select the Android operating system.
  5. Then choose the target geographic locations to advertise and promote your new Android app.
    • Note: Ads are shown in Only countries where the Android app is available for download.
  6. Then select the geolocation options in terms of target and exclusion.
  7. Specify the start and end date of the application ad serving. However, if the expiry date is not specified, it will continue to be displayed. Then press next.
  8. then select Budget and campaign bids appropriate to your goals.
  9. Set the average daily budget for your campaign by choosing the currency of the target country from the list of options.
  10. Then set your bids.
  11. Set your target cost per install by putting a monetary value in the currency of your chosen country or it can be set in US dollars.
  12. Then press Next.
  13. then organize ad group To target the audience more precisely by setting up ad assets.

  14. Then add titles, descriptions, photos, videos.
  15. Choose the HTML5 asset to use in your ad to advertise and promote your new Android app

  16. Then upload the files to be downloaded and press Save.
  17. Enter the URL of the Android app you want to promote to direct users to a specific page in the app.
  18. Then press Next
  19. Review the advertising campaign to promote and publicize a new Android application through all of its previous steps.
  20. Then tap Next to set up billing.

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Create an application campaign on Google Ads ads in promoting a new Android application

Increase organic app installs in promoting a new Android app

Organic app installs are a major driving force especially when it comes to promoting a user’s mobile app and growing their app business. Organic growth also leaves an opportunity for a steady stream of new users and an increase in their numbers. But, most importantly, it does not depend too much on having a large budget. In addition, the primary method for organic acquisition of new users is App Store Optimization or ASO. It helps in increasing the app’s visibility in the app store, and thus helps in promoting the new Android app and publicizing this app.

Optimizing the App Store in promoting the new Android app

Optimizing the App Store with App Store Optimization contributes to the promotion and publicity of the new Android app. Additionally, App Store optimization is complementary in increasing organic app installs. Also, this improvement is the process of increasing the visibility of conversions and application in app stores. At the same time, its goal is to create an app store listing that is easy to discover and attractive to your target customers. Moreover, elevate the growth of new Android app with App Radar which is an easy-to-use app store optimization tool designed to boost the growth of apps like Android. However, the optimization of the App Store depends on various factors such as:

  • keyword strategy.
  • In addition, the rating of the App Store.
  • Also attractive App Store listings visuals.
  • Also, the reviews and ratings are high.

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Keyword strategy is a way for people to find an Android app in the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, it is also used to find IOS apps in the Apple App Store. Additionally, the main objective of using keywords is to promote your new Android app to rank in the top 5 organic search results, when someone searches using a related keyword. However, the first step in App Store Optimization will be to improve the App Store listing. This is done by compiling a list of potential keywords, then placing them in the correct metadata fields. It is also possible to find effective keywords that promote growth using the App Radar App Store Optimization tool. In addition, App Radar will evaluate the efforts of this current tool for the user, and also give him an ASO score, and recommendations on how to improve it.

Follow Android design principles in promoting a new Android app

Following the principles of Android design contributes to the promotion of a new Android application through a marketing campaign that you start in the development phase to announce a new Android application. However, it is very important and necessary to design the application expertly and professionally and very well in case you want to present a distinctive application to your customers. In addition, you can take advantage of Google services by entering the link Google provides detailed documentation on Material Design as a smart step in studying the entire educational program. At the same time, you should pay attention to the necessary and important elements in designing a perfect mobile application user interface.

Follow Android design principles in promoting a new Android app

Setting up an Android Beta test in promoting a new Android app

Setting up an Android Beta test helps in promoting a new Android app. The announcement of a new Android application also requires the necessity of testing and testing the application before running it to meet all the needs of the target customer. In addition, the application should be free from major bugs and negatives, and focus on the needs of users everywhere. And also it should impress them very much as a mobile user app especially the first users of this app. But, it is necessary to know how to run the Google Play Beta Test, which is what Android app developers should know about beta testing of the app.

Create an explainer video in promoting a new Android app

Creating a explainer video helps in promoting and publicizing a new Android app. Recent studies have shown that 80% of internet traffic uses videos. Additionally, 96% of B2B businesses from company to company also use videos as a way to market their products and services to users. However, when creating an explainer video for a new Android app, don’t make it go viral, but rather focus on the high quality of that app by putting yourself as the app’s designer in the place of the target viewer. In fact, nothing beats the power of creating a well-designed, expertly crafted explainer video for Android app brand awareness.

Use YouTube to promote a new Android app

Use YouTube to promote a new Android app on this site that is used by 2.49 billion active users around the world. So, gain a portion of this huge number of users in order to advertise a new Android app to reach the largest possible number of people who are interested in it. Moreover, marketing a new Android app on YouTube is strategic to reach all over the world and be seen by millions of viewers. He also relied on all the comments on the videos of the application to get the experiences of others and to know all the pros and cons of the application. But, always make sure to develop and improve these positives in the application, while trying to fix bugs in the application.

Using social media to promote a new Android app

The use of social media to promote a new Android application on the most important of these platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is very necessary to publicize this application and reach millions of viewers and users around the world. However, there are two ways to connect with followers and viewers through these organic and paid social networks which are organic promotion and paid promotion.

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Using social media to promote a new Android app

Organic Promotion for a New Android App

Organic promotion and publicity of a new Android app on social media platforms can be done in a simple form of being on Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram profiles. However, you must:

  • Create accounts on each network of them.
  • Then start following people and gain new followers.
  • As well as entering into Facebook groups that are related to your application.
  • Also send compelling tweets about your application.
  • Additionally, talk about your app on Facebook groups.

Paid Promotion New Android App

Paid promotion occurs through mobile app click rates (CTRs), and cost-per-click (CPC). However, money has to be paid to promote the Android app which enhances the app’s discoverability and helps attract more people to the new app. In addition, take advantage of Facebook and Instagram networks as very effective social advertising platforms for smart device applications, including Android applications. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of both in placing new app install ads.

Searching for social media influencers in promoting a new Android app

Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. offer a great benefit in promoting a new Android app. and that is through:

  • The presence of experts and influencers who contribute to publicizing and marketing a new Android application.
  • In other words, these influencers contribute to attracting and attracting millions of followers after reviewing mobile applications such as the Android application on a daily basis.
  • However, you first need an influencer’s approval to talk about a new Android app.
  • Then get ready to discover the effects in the coming periods, considering the influencers as a successful strategy in promoting the Android application.

Finally, at the end of our presentation on how Promote an Android application and announce a new application We learned the most important and best ways to promote the Android application. In addition, we explained in more detail how to create an ad campaign to promote the app on Google Ads. We also explained how to take advantage of the prevalent social media platforms. However, it is necessary to take care of the quality of the application, its excellence, and its freedom from defects and errors.

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