Hussain Al-Shahat's dialogue - about the dream of gold in the World Cup clubs... and a pledge to crown all championships

Hussain Al-Shahat’s dialogue – about the dream of gold in the World Cup clubs… and a pledge to crown all championships

Hussein Al-Shahat, Al-Ahly player, stressed the need to fight for titles in the new season, and pledged with his teammates to win all the championships next season.

He talked about his desire to win the gold medal for the Club World Cup in the Al-Ahly shirt.

And all of the following came from Hussein Al-Shahat in his interview with Al-Ahly’s official website:

“The new season brings many challenges for the players, but we pledged to make every effort to make up for what happened last season.”

“I fully recovered from the injury that afflicted me in the last weeks of last season, it was a very difficult period after the injury struck me at a difficult time during which the team was suffering from many absences, but I believe that it is a matter of fate.”


“Rumors do not stop chasing players in the big teams, especially Al-Ahly club, but what really surprised me was that some talked about my evasion from participating in matches, knowing that every player at this time was fighting to participate in the matches.”

“Although the medical examinations and x-rays that I conducted confirmed my need for knee surgery, some doubted that, to the extent that even when I performed the surgery there were those who were repeating these baseless rumors and I do not know the motive behind them.”

insistence on compensation

“There is great enthusiasm among everyone in the preparation period, and there is an agreement that this period will be used to reach the best stages of readiness, and the players have a great determination to compensate for what happened last season, especially since the competition will be difficult with other teams, especially in light of the reinforcements that they made “.

External performances

“There is no player in Al-Ahly who talks about owning foreign offers, and any player who receives a call from an agent or mediator will have the same answer, which is to present the matter to the club because he is the first and last decision-maker.”

“I focus my full attention on the field and leave these matters to the club’s officials, especially as I hope to continue with Al-Ahly to achieve all the championships, especially the Club World Cup, and the African and League championships are of great importance to everyone within the club.”

Walid Suleiman and the fans’ love

“It is an honor for any player to wear the Al-Ahly shirt and to continue in his ranks for as long as possible, and we have all seen what happened with Walid Suleiman at the end of his career and what he found of the love and appreciation of the masses for him. It suits him, and on a personal level, I talked to him about the possibility of rethinking and continuing to play for another season, but he had made his decision, and I wish him all the success in the coming period.”

Wydad’s goal

“I am a professional player and I play among a group of players and I seek to implement the instructions of the technical staff according to the plan for each match, but there are some situations in which the player must make an individual decision, whether through a specific skill or others, but it is impossible to do so at the expense of the team’s interest. “.

“My goal against Moroccan Wydad, for example, was good luck. I expected the reaction of the defender and the goalkeeper, and I remember that during the first leg, I missed a real chance, but the technical staff spoke to me and assured me that there is no problem and I must focus, which is what happened in the return match. In general, all A player who has characteristics and ingredients, and thank God I am good at anticipating the opponent’s reaction.”

“The goal I felt most sad for not being counted was my goal against the Smouha team, which I scored in a beautiful way, but the referee did not count it.”

It is important to register

“Football has many details, there is the ball that bounced from the post in the Zamalek match in the final of the century, these opportunities are difficult for any player and many players wereted like them, but I was not successful in it, and the important thing in the end is that the team crowned the title, the instructions of the technical staff She was clear at the time that the important thing was to score.”


“I accept criticism with open arms, and any criticism related to performance on the field or the level in general, as long as it is in a framework of respect, especially since no player accepts losing or appearing at a modest level, and everyone is free with his opinion as long as it comes without transgressions.”

Marcel Kohler

“Marcel Kohler is an able technical director with a big name and is good at dealing with the players, and he has plans and ideas to reach Al-Ahly to the best level, and he asks the players to constantly communicate with him in order to benefit more from the training sessions.”

“He still has a lot to offer in the Al-Ahly club shirt, and when he gets any championship with the team, he looks forward with enthusiasm to search for a new championship, and this is the characteristic of playing in Al-Ahly, and there is no saturation of championships or successes.”

world Cup

“Moving to Al-Ahly represents the best moments of my life. I have 3 medals in the Club World Cup, 2 with Al-Ahly and one with Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates. I am looking forward to the gold medal with the team.”

A message to Al-Ahly fans

“I understand the fans’ sadness and anger because of last season, we pledged to do everything possible to make them happy and win all the championships during the coming period.”

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