Conflicting statements and the right to care.. all the details of the Saif Al-Jaziri crisis

Conflicting statements and the right to care.. all the details of the Saif Al-Jaziri crisis

Between the free movement and the claims of sponsorship from the African, the crisis of Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri has emerged in the past few days.

explain to you The sequence of events and the full statements from all parties.

At the outset, there is no problem with Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri being registered with Zamalek, but rather talking about the existence of sponsorship rights for the African Club or not.

The African complaint and the response of the Dispute Settlement Committee

The African submitted a complaint to the Dispute Resolution Chamber earlier, wishing to obtain the right to sponsor Al-Jaziri after joining Zamalek from the contractors.

The FIFA Dispute Settlement Committee sent a letter to Zamalek after the African Tunisian complaint against the Arab Contractors.

As far as I know The Dispute Settlement Committee would like Zamalek to send the full details of his annexation of Al-Jaziri from the expressive contractors, no later than October 16th.

FIFA wants to know the value of the transfer to calculate the right to sponsor the African, which he should obtain from the contractors.

Zamalek’s position

Mortada Mansour, the president of Zamalek, revealed the reason for sending the International Football Association “FIFA” a letter to his club, asking him to obtain a copy of the contract signed by the Arab Contractors to include Saif Al-Jaziri.

Mortada Mansour spoke to the Zamalek TV channel, saying: “FIFA sent us an inquiry that wants to obtain the contract between us and the contractors, to know who has the right to care.”

He continued, “If Zamalek has to pay the money, how much is the right to care? 2.5%, or 20 thousand euros, equivalent to 400 thousand pounds.”

African lawyer statements

Salim Ballounsam, a lawyer for Tunisian Club Africain, said via Ontime Sports: “The FIFA law in the transfer regulations stipulates that the new club is obligated to pay 5% of the value of the deal in favor of the clubs that contributed to the formation of the player from the age of 12 to 23 years.”

He explained, “This regulation used to apply to international transfers, but an amendment occurred and it now includes local transfers as well, and therefore Saif Jaziri is a player who was in Tunisia and spent most of his formation period in Club Africain and played with Ittihad Ben Guerdane and Hammam Al-Lif Club.”

He continued, “We alerted the Zamalek club and reminded it that the club is obligated to pay 5% of the value of the deal, and we sent the bank statements to the three previously mentioned clubs, but Zamalek did not respond to the letter, so we went to the complaint with the International Federation.”

He revealed, “The first complaint we filed was with the Ittihad Ben Guerdane club, but the Egyptian Football Association informed us that the player moved on a free transfer.”

And he added, “The second complaint was from the African club, and a letter came to us asking the Zamalek club to submit a document for the transfer of Saif Al-Jaziri.”

He continued, “We know that Saif Al-Jaziri was on loan, and Zamalek did the purchase clause, and the player was registered at a time when Zamalek was forbidden to register, but he obtained an exception from FIFA by registering the player.”

He stressed, “According to the data, Zamalek is now obligated to pay 4.19% of the value of the Saif Al-Jaziri transfer deal.”

He concluded, “I think that Zamalek is a big club and represents Egypt in Africa and the league champion during the previous two seasons and knows how to access banking information and pay the value.”

Football Association’s position

The Football Association said that Saif Al-Jaziri’s joining of Zamalek from the Arab Contractors came in a free transfer deal, not a purchase contract.

Football Association officials explained in a news message sent to reporters today, Saturday, that the contract of loaning Al-Jaziri from the contractors to Zamalek did not contain any clause stating the intention of buying, but rather joining it in a free transfer deal.

Football Association officials confirmed that the contractors dispensed with Al-Jaziri before he moved to Zamalek and removed his name from his list, and thus the white team included him as a free player after extending the loan.

The Football Association indicated that this matter is legal in light of preventing Zamalek from being registered, because extending the loan or transferring it to purchase does not contradict the decision, according to the news sent.

The Football Association stressed that if the contract of loaning Al-Jaziri from the contractors to Zamalek included the purchase clause, they would have asked to determine the value of the final transfer.

Football Association officials gave an example of Mohamed Sobhi and Yassin Merhi, who were loaned from Zamalek to Farco.

He pointed out that Zamalek had the right to restore Sobhi because the goalkeeper did not sign his permanent transfer contracts to Farco.

Meanwhile, the Football Association ruled that Farco was entitled to Yassin Merhi after signing the contracts.

At the conclusion of the news, Football Association officials confirmed that the Tunisian African lawyer admitted the validity of the procedures, but he insisted on obtaining any financial dues.

What did the Arab contractors say?

Ramy Rabie, the former contracting manager at El Mokawloon Club, said at the time of Saif El Din El Jaziri’s transfer, in statements to On Time Sports 2: “If Saif El Din El Jaziri moved to Zamalek in a free transfer deal, the Arab Contractors and Zamalek would be in trouble, and the Football Association would be in a bigger problem.”

He continued, “There are 20 million pounds that came out of Zamalek, so where did they go? And 20 million pounds entered the Arab Contractors Club, how was it registered?”

He continued, “The Football Association received a letter from FIFA to stop the registration of Zamalek, and there is a free player who moved to Zamalek, so how was he registered?”

And he continued, “In January 2021, Zamalek submitted a request to obtain Seif Al-Din Al-Jaziri on loan with the possibility of purchase, 8 million in the loan value and 12 million in the event of activating the purchase clause.”

And he added, “Zamalek was late in sending the delegate with a check in exchange for the value of the transfer and obtaining the player’s dispensation because of their correspondence with the International Federation to confirm their position with the suspension of the registration.”

And he concluded, “After ensuring the integrity of their position due to his presence at the club earlier, the deal was concluded and the player was not on our list.”

Document from Al-Jaziri contract

and got On a document from the contract of transferring Seif Al-Dim Al-Jaziri to the ranks of Zamalek from the Arab Contractors.

Jaziri joined El Mokawloon in January 2019 from Stade Gabessi, Tunisia.

Two years later, he moved to Zamalek on loan for half a season, before the transfer turned into a final.

Al-Jaziri’s contract with Zamalek extends until the summer of 2024.

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