The amazing Xiaomi 13 Pro phone price and specifications in all Arab countries

The amazing Xiaomi 13 Pro phone price and specifications in all Arab countries

The amazing Xiaomi 13 Pro phone price and specifications in all Arab countries – Thaqafni

Xiaomi 13 Pro phone price and specifications. Which was recently launched in the Arab and international markets, where it enjoys xiaomi 13 pro phone With an eight-core processor, it supports fifth generation networks, and also supports fast charging, wireless charging, and reverse wireless with a power of 10 watts, in addition to the fact that the phone comes with a fingerprint integrated into the screen.

Xiaomi 13 Pro mobile specifications

xiaomi 13 pro phone
  • the battery: Capacity: 4600 mAh, non-removable Li-Ion type.
  • Shipping: It supports 120W fast charging so that the battery is fully charged within 18 minutes, in addition to it supports 50W wireless charging so that the battery is 100% filled within 42 minutes and supports 10W reverse wireless charging.
  • the screen: It has a 6.73-inch LTPO AMOLED screen with a screen dimension of 20.9, a refresh rate of 120Hz, a night mode, eye protection, and 1 billion colors.
  • Mobile structure: Available in green, black, blue, and pink colors. The weight of the device is 205 grams. The fingerprint is built into the screen. The mobile is made of plastic.
  • Device dimensions: Length 163.6 mm, thickness 8.2, width 74.6 mm.
  • Networks: Supports networks of the second generation, the third generation, the fourth generation, the fifth generation.
  • Slides: Supports two nano sims in standby mode.
  • Operating system: Android 13 Face to use MIUI 13.5.
  • Healer: Octa-core Adreno 750 graphics processor.
  • Front camera: 32MP f/2.2 single capture, 1080P FHD video recording, slow motion video shooting.
  • Back camera: The main triple capture is 50 megapixels f/1.9, the second 50 megapixels f/1.9, and the third is 50 megapixels with f/2.2, supports dual flash, 8k video capture, 4k continuous capture and self-timer, background isolation mode, digital zoom, and night shooting mode.
  • the sound: Supports external speakers, stereo headphones.
  • Telecommunications: Bluetooth version 5.2, GPS for location, NFC technology, USB, Wi-Fi for the net antenna.
  • Internal memory: 128 GB and 256 GB.
  • RAM: RAM 8 GB or 12 GB, two versions of 8 GB RAM for 128 GB, the other 256 GB, and 12 GB RAM for 256 GB, and here Samsung s23 ultra price

Xiaomi 13 Pro features

The amazing Xiaomi 13 Pro phone price and specifications in all Arab countries
xiaomi 13 pro phone

The new developed Xiaomi 13 Pro mobile phone has many technical specifications, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • The rear camera supports dual flash, along with the 8k video recording feature, and it has a triple camera setup.
  • The screen is large, with a size of 6.73 inches, next to the front camera, in the center of the screen above.
  • RAM up to 12 GB.
  • Octa core processor.
  • Supports Android 13.
  • It contains fifth generation networks.
  • Supports fast charging and reverse wireless charging.
  • The audio supports external speakers.
  • There is NFC technology.

Disadvantages of the Xiaomi 13 Pro phone

  • The front camera does not support flash, as well as video recording, it does not support the 4K feature.
  • Does not contain FM radio.
  • The phone is not dust or dust resistant.
  • There is no 3.5 mm port.
  • There is no port to add external memory.
  • The phone is not dust or dust resistant.

Xiaomi 13 Pro phone case

  • charger head.
  • USB cable.
  • Protection pouch.
  • Metal pin.
  • Xiaomi 13 Pro phone.

You can follow all the specifications of the new Xiaomi phone through this video, in which all the technical specifications were explained in detail, and you can also know all the specifications of the phone iPhone 14 Pro Max phone the new.

Xiaomi 13 Pro mobile prices

  • The price in Algeria is 102500 dinars.
  • The price of the mobile in Morocco is 6700 dirhams.
  • The price is in US dollars, 740 dollars.
  • The purchase value in the Arab Republic of Egypt is 11600 Egyptian pounds.
  • Buying the phone from Saudi Arabia is 2770 SAR.

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